Crash 'N' Burn smashes into factory

Eidos' Xbox and PS2 car-wrecking racer is set to hit the starting line November 16 for just $19.99.


Crash 'N' Burn

Eidos today announced that Crash 'N' Burn has gone gold and is on schedule for a November 16 release on the Xbox and PlayStation 2.

Developed by UK-based studio Climax, Crash 'N' Burn encourages Burnout 3-esque road rage and reckless driving. The gameplay consists of scraping paint and bending fenders in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and other locations while dodging oil slicks, flaming wrecks, and other cars on closed courses. The unlicensed cars can be detailed to the driver's functional and aesthetic specifications. GameSpot's previous coverage has more information.

Crash 'N' Burn features online play supporting up to 16 opponents in game modes such as last man standing and bomb tag. It is rated T and is available for the budget price of $19.99.

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