Crash Bandicoot Fans Are Convinced Sony Is Hinting At A New Game Announcement

The clues are starting to mount.


Crash Bandicoot may be coming back. Fans of the Sony mascot have spotted a series of clues that may point to a new game in development, most of which stem from Sony's recent "Time to Play" commercial. The company may be dropping some cheeky hints about the revival.

Eurogamer reports that the first clue passes by quickly, but definitely stands out. During a segment featuring Crash Team Racing characters, a mask can be seen hovering in the background--but this is a new mask, not a familiar one from a past Crash game. Toys for Bob artist Nicholas Kole retweeted a fan who spotted the mask with a seemingly coy little nod.

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The Time to Play campaign has also created signage on a bus, captured by a Reddit thread, which shows a new Crash model that doesn't appear to be from any existing games. Plus a leaker with a history of accurate leaks regarding the Crash series says the game in question is called Crash Bandicoot Worlds, and is slated for release in 2020.

Though the mascot hasn't had a new major release in quite a while, Sony has been acknowledging its history with nods to the character. His first game appeared as a cameo in Uncharted 4, and the N. Sane Trilogy and Crash Team Racing are recent remasters of the classic games. That may all be setting the stage for an announcement of a new game.

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