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Craig Mazin Teases Emotional Joel Scene Coming Up In The Last Of Us

The showrunner confirms even more emotional torment to come in the series.


HBO's The Last of Us showrunner, Craig Mazin, has teased an upcoming episode that will feature an emotional moment for the character Joel.

In a recent interview with TV Line, Mazin was asked whether The Last of Us will go on to explore the life of Joel Miller (Pedro Pascal) between 2003, the year of the outbreak, and 2023, like how Bill and Frank's relationship and life was showcased in episode 3. Mazin said probably not, but there will be a moment in a future episode that will hit audiences hard.

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"I don’t think we’re going to go backwards at length like that, but Joel’s past is what informs his future," Mazin said. "There’s a particular moment I’m thinking of that also just [hits] me so hard."

Given Joel's tragic backstory, which is showcased in the first episode where he loses his teenage daughter Sarah, it's possible this emotional episode could feature a moment between the two characters in a flashback prior to the outbreak, or even a moment between him and Ellie (Bella Ramsey).

"Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of Joel has so much soul and humanity to it, and vulnerability, especially when Joel is alone," Mazin added. "You know? He has to be a tough guy around everybody, but when he’s alone, that’s when you see all that soul."

Episode 3, titled "Long, Long Time", was released last Sunday and was perhaps the series' strongest episode so far in the way it deviated from the game's source material and instead explored the love story between the characters Bill and Frank.

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