Crackdown 2 getting free, paid DLC

Toy Box add-on for Microsoft, Ruffian's open-world shooter adds god mode, multiplayer match type gratis; premium content includes vehicles, in-game items.


Crackdown 2
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Crackdown 2 has been out for nearly two months at this point, and Microsoft is at last poised to update the Ruffian Games-developed shooter with its first batch of downloadable content. Today, the publisher announced the free game add-on Toy Box, as well as a batch of paid downloadable content that will be available for 560 Microsoft points ($7).

As for the free content, Toy Box's top-line benefit is the Keys to the City mode. First seen in the original Crackdown, Keys to the City operates as a god mode, giving gamers access to indestructibility, infinite ammo, and a fly cam, as well as abilities ranging from spawning weapons to freezing the time of day. The free Toy Box content also introduces the new Thruster ability when players reach level 6 on all Agent skills, as well as a new multiplayer match type.

The keys to Empire City are apparently free.
The keys to Empire City are apparently free.

The paid portion of Toy Box offers the actual in-game toys. Gamers who fork over the cash gain access to the Agency ATV and Squad Chopper vehicles. Five new items are also included in the pack: the gravity-bending Mass Driver, portable launch pads, stickler grenades, thrusters, and mag grenades that can be attached to characters. The pack also offers the Xbox Green Suit and Green Helmet for gamers' Xbox Live avatars, as well as 10 new achievements.

Microsoft has not yet attached a release date to the Toy Box add-on pack. For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Crackdown 2.

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