Cowboy Bebop Outro Performed By J-Pop Stars For Charity, Watch It Here

The Real Folk Blues never sounded so good as J-Pop stars and SEATBELTS, and more recreate Cowboy Bebop's iconic ending credit music.


3-2-1 let's jam to this in the name of charity. Anime composer Yoko Kanno joins J-Pop singer Shihori, vocalist Uyanga Bold, and the band SEATBELTS (the original band led by Kanno that was featured on the OST of Cowboy Bebop) to perform Cowboy Bebop's outro theme "The Real Folks Blues" to benefit COVID-19 relief.

This edition of the song will be included into a limited edition vinyl with all proceeds going to the CDC Foundation and Doctors without Borders in support of the fight against COVID-19.

The song, which was originally performed by Mai Yamane and Seatbelts, was used in the end credits of every episode, save for two. Collaborating with Sunrise and Funimation, the video includes performances by rappers MegaRan and Substantial as well as includes cameos by Beau Billingslea and Steve Blum, the voice actors of Jet Black and Spike Siegel respectively. Take a look below.

The video ends with Blum with a special message for those that helped make this. "I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has contributed to this amazing project and one final thing...see you, space cowboy." Earlier this week, SEATBELTS did a virtual performance of the opening theme "TANK!" for fans as well.

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