Counter-Strike: Source update adds Assault map

Classic level included in latest patch from Valve, which also addresses a host of other issues.


Counter-Strike: Source

Today, Valve Software has released the latest update for its popular multiplayer shooter, Counter-Strike: Source. The update, which will be automatically installed on PCs with the client program to Valve's Steam delivery service, includes the addition of the classic "Assault" map from the original Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike: Source is the original Counter-Strike remade with the new Source graphics engine, the basis of Half-Life 2. However, not all maps from the original game were updated.

The new Counter-Strike: Source also sports a new "Phoenix Connection" terrorist model, which will replace the old model. It also features new whole-body character animations, as well as weapon-specific reload animations. It also remedies a host of bugs, including mysteriously vanishing weapons and floating death animations. A complete rundown of the update's additions can be found on the Steam Web site.

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