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Counter-Strike: Source fires up on Mac

Valve's popular shooter launches on Mac with cross-platform play, achievements, engine updates, and more.


Valve's content delivery and multiplayer communications platform, Steam, debuted on Macs in May. Since launch, the service has added Steam staples like Portal, Torchlight, Team Fortress 2, and the Half-Life series. Today, Valve added arguably its most popular shooter to the Mac service.

Counter-Strike: Source debuted on the Mac for Steam today and arrived with cross-platform play between PC and Mac, as well as achievements to amass, updates to the game's engine, stat-tracking, and more.

Counter-Strike: Source, running and gunning for the Mac.
Counter-Strike: Source, running and gunning for the Mac.

Counter-Strike: Source is a SteamPlay title, meaning that those who purchased it on Windows can download and play it on Mac for free. In celebration of the title's launch, Valve has reduced Counter-Strike: Source's going rate 66 percent to $6.80 now until Friday.

Released in 2004, Counter-Strike: Source is a total overhaul of the original Counter-Strike. Using Valve's Source engine, the developer improved the shooter's graphics and modified its physics.

Counter-Strike: Source pits terrorists against counterterrorists on a variety of maps. Gamers are tasked with either defending or detonating a charge, rescuing or holding hostages, or just gunning for the most kills. Money is awarded for kills and objective completion and is used to purchase weapon upgrades and items.

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