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Counter-Strike Players Reportedly Spent $100 Million In Cases In March

A new estimate suggests that March 2023 was Counter-Strike's best month for cases ever, with players spending over $100 million on microtransactions.


It's no secret that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular game on Steam, but the sheer volume of money that fans spend on it is difficult to comprehend. According to a new estimate from Dexerto, Counter-Strike players spent over $100 million on cases in March 2023.

The outlet arrived at this figure using data from CS:GO Case Tracker, which stated that players opened 39.5 million cases in March. Cases range in cost from under $1 to over $60, and each requires a $2.50 key to open. Given all that, just over $100 million is a conservative estimate, to say the least. For comparison's sake, that same data suggests that players opened 27.7 million cases in February, which would make for a 42.5% increase month-to-month.

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