Counter-Strike: Global Offensive headlines summer PSN promotion

Sony dates and prices The Expendables 2, Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo, CS:GO, offers vouchers to those who preorder multiple titles.


PlayStation Network's summer promotion, PSN Play, will return this month, and its announcement brings a slew of release dates and prices. The deal outlined in the Sony announcement also detailed bonuses for preordering and purchasing all four downloadable games in the collection.

If you don't preorder CS:GO, then the terrorists win.
If you don't preorder CS:GO, then the terrorists win.

PSN Play will begin with movie tie-in The Expendables 2, which launches first on PSN on July 31. Musical platformer Sound Shapes is up next on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita on August 7. PS3-exclusive Papo & Yo will bring exploration, puzzles, and alcoholism allegories on August 14, and competitive shooter reboot Counter-Strike: Global Offensive caps the promotion on August 21. Each game is $15 ($12 for PlayStation Plus members who preorder) and comes with a theme if preordered starting the week before release.

Players will also be given incentive to purchase multiple titles from the collection, with PSN cash vouchers of $3, $6, and $10 awarded to those who purchase two, three, or all the games.

The Expendables 2, PS3
Preorder July 24
Releases July 31
$15, or $12 for Plus preorders

Sound Shapes, PS3, PS Vita
Preorder July 31
Releases August 7
$15, or $12 for Plus preorders

Papo & Yo, PS3
Preorder August 7
Releases August 14
$15, or $12 for Plus preorders

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PS3
Preorder August 14
Releases August 21
$15, or $12 for Plus preorders

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