Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gets Operation Payback event

Community map-making event asks players for $5.99 and is running until July 31.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Valve will add seven community-made maps to its official Counter-Strike: Global Offensive dedicated servers, the developer has announced.

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The maps will be available until July 31, and Valve is calling the event Operation Payback.

Access to the servers requires purchasing a pass costing $5.99/£4.99, though the item is currently being sold for 50 percent off in the game's store. Purchasing the pass also gives players a new, upgradable badge which is displayed alongside avatars.

The seven community maps included are Museum, Downtown, Thunder, Favela, Motel, Seaside, and Library. Money spent on the pass will go to the creators of the maps.

Valve says Operation Payback is the first in a series of attempts to reward CS:GO's community map-makers.

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