Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gets Gun Game-Style Mode

Valve's Chet Faliszek talks up CS:GO's new Arsenal modes.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the latest in Valve's influential online shooter series, will include a new mode based on popular Counter-Strike: Source mod Gun Game. The new mode, Arsenal, features two game types, the objective-focused Arsenal: Demolition and Arsenal: Arms Race, in which you get a new weapon with each kill, working through a sequence of weapons that ends with a knife.

In the video above, Valve's Chet Faliszek tells us more about Arsenal mode, as well as how Counter-Strike co-creator Jess Cliffe is on the CS:GO team. He also talks up the game's new weapons, including the Zeus Taser gun, which is a pricey, single-use, one-hit-kill zapper: "A thousand dollars is a lot of money, and that's what the Zeus costs. So you're saying, before the round starts, I'm going to buy this weapon that's expensive, that has one use, and has to be close when I use it. I'm that much better than you, and I'm going to insult you by using it… It's funny to watch someone getting killed trying to use it."

Also, on the delayed free Portal 2 DLC: "Very, very soon."

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pumped for this game, sorry BF3 im an ARMA 2 fan, not a BF fan, as its miles more realistic and has 500+ weapons, every vehicle under the sun and i can make a BF3 game in 5 minutes with flags, respawn points and 100 vs 100 with 10 man squads with flags and objectives in Arma 2 with Ai waypoints. Arma 2 makes BF3 look like a kiddy action game(which it is). Counter strike is the mans Mp fps game and Call of duty Search and destroy. As far as realism? counter strike is the most realistic mode of them all, once you die you are DEAD. So i think peopel saying BF3 is more realistic , well certainly not in its Conquest team deathmatch mode that lasts pointlessly for over an hour for no reason. Search and destroy and CS is by FAR more realistic than BF3. Once you die, your dead, cant get more real than that. DICE has yet to come up with a mode that rivals CS in its modes, that has consequences for your actions that CS does. BAtlefield 3 will be the same conquest team deathmatch game all BF games are. (lets face it, Conquest mode is practically team deathmatch with flags and vehicles and a bit of team work). Theres nothing realistic about respawning every 3 seconds. Yeah the guns might fire more realistically(however that is debatable, ive yet to see one gun fire in Bad company 2 of BF that fires as realistically as the M4 in Counter strike, maybe BF1942 was the closest to realism). CS over BF anyday...Arma 2 over BF anyday.

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Other games might have more "realism", etc. But nothing comes even close to CounterStrike when it comes to finding FPS players with SKILL who will present you with a challenge. I try to play it now and I get worked so hard because the people that play CS have been playing it for years and they are amazing at it.

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Conunter Strike is a clasic!

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Why GS posts youtube link, it doesn't add to my profile lvl up:P

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Arsenal mode? Stand up if you hate Tottnum'!

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I agree with commander1122, it set up the bench mark for these shooters however, still today nothing has the same style and feel to it, battlefield was close but still not cs, i really enjoyed that too :)

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counter strike day way too over.....unlike the old day...half life + CS in almost every cyber cafe ....there is just TON of FPS nowadays...

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cant wait, and for the portal 2 dlc lol

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Seems like more of a fail than Condition Zero... Wtf valve is it really that hard? I play 1.6 and source still today. What you just made looks ten times worse than whats allready out. BC its cross platform there will be no Zombie mods. No custom Maps. No aim Maps. No Surf Maps. NO WC3 mods. No Creative gaming that CS is ALL ABOUT? FAIL FAIL FAIL. you suck valve 1.6/source for life!

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wow another deja vu

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So let me get this straight, new weapons, a few new modes and the same maps. ARMS RAISE???? that mode was already in 1.6, and for people that don't know about it, valve wasn't the one that created it, it was people who enjoyed playing and trying out new things in CS 1.6 So valve found out about it PROBABLY and now they go like 'so you know we thought about this new mode'. If that's the case then you can go duck yourself valve. :lol:

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Looks amazing! Can't wait for it to be released.

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@Apofis_SG-1 is COD the only FPS you ever played? Perfect Dark and Goldeneye on n64 beat the crap out of every modern FPS today and they don't have aiming down the iron sights. Half-Life 1 and 2 are also masterpieces of gaming, totally absent of aiming down the sights.

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anyone ranting about no iron sights needs to go home and rethink their lives...

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Looks pretty lame when you cant aim with iron sight.

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@chechak yea.. I don't know if you know this, but "arsenal mode" was a mod for CS called gungame waaaay before it found its way onto COD and demolition was an original mode for CS when it came out more than 10 years ago, so no... its not a "copycat from cod"

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@Sorciere_basic the game needs to run smooth on all platforms and modern PCs... its not about the graphics, its about the lag-less, freeze-less game-play.

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Source engine looks good....if it was THREE years ago

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Source engine looks good....if it was THREE years ago

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arsenal demolition modes is copycat from cod...omg still no right click(no iron sight)

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Looks like even gamespot has buckled and started using youtube to post videos :)

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This actually looks so amazing. I can't wait for the change. Counter Strike never really changed from the original. Everything just had better graphics. Day of Defeat changed so much from source. I loved it. I really want a new DoD GO type of game.

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were those custom skins i saw O_o

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Wouldn't mind a Day of Defeat reboot :)

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At least Valve stays with classic and does not make another CoD clone. CoD and all other of 90 % shooters, that are made from the same stuff is great, but ffs, don't make every single one of games in the same category 100% similair. CS is great without ironsight, stupid wolverine regeneration, fat kids worthy running distance and jumping only on specific spots. It is made as pure shooter, for easy modding, agile moving/jumping and CW and fast gameplay, where you can't just run around and survive more than 2 bullets through skull. Valve is the best and I hope it will stay that way, cs too.

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I'll play if no Zombies period.

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You can't have a good FPS game like CS:GO without an official Zombie Mod. :)

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is that santa claus son's...i guess so because he look like his father and he give me a brand new cs :)

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Can't wait to start bunny hopping!

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Whoa! 3rd Remake of Counter Strike?!

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i don`t like the way the shooting looks and the way they run hopefully they will fix that in the BETA process

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VALVe should rename this, as it is clearly NOT CS.

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I know that you want to keep your old fan base by keeping everything relatively the same but this is ridiculous, why release it all? Still no ADS, all hip fire - that seems a little bizarre and the addition of a one hit one kill weapon HUZZAH, that's exactly what this game needed!

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triple fail.. cmon go ahead and copy everything else found in other games and say you got it first

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What TRUE FPS needs is a simple missions with simple tactics and simple gameplay. In that manner, there's nothing that can beat CS and I just hope Valve'll keep it's charasterics in CS:GO.

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Lets all chant "Are you a PS2....are you a PS2......are you a PS2 game in disguise!!!!???"

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Graphics are the worst! loved 1.6 but it looks really outdated when you cant aim down sight.

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Definitely looking forward to this one, cs 1.6 was and still is great!

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I almost mistook this for 1.6... lame

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@CubiclePwnerer your missing what i was saying, i was trying to say that they shouldnt have cutscenes or cgi moments but have objectives, you can still have skill and compitition but with goals other then camping or shooting the other guy.

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@Mar044 What you just described, upping the ante in terms of cinematic experience and gameplay gimmicks, is exactly what everyone else is trying to do in their shooters. Go play Uncharted 3 multiplayer if you want something like that. But something like U3 that values the cinematic aspect so much completely loses sight of having a real competitive experience. And that is what CS brings to the table. Everyone is on a level playing field and you have to be smart, fast, coordinated, and accurate to come out on top. Every other game tries to stretch for those cinematic moments and the perks and all those extras that just clog up the core of the game. CS is far from generic as I can't think of one other recent shooter who's goal is pure competition grade action instead of an accessible, movie-like game packed to the brim with gimmicks.

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a game called global operations came out years ago, not many played it but it was like cs but had what i was talking about and was great, i k now valve does great things, but they should expand story into multiplayer.

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If there are flame-throwers in a CS game the franchise is dead.. "Dust has fallen out-of-favor," the dev team is completely out-of-touch and my hopes for this game are dying.... Cross platform = control sticks vs. mouse and keyboard... Consoles are limited 5v5.... This games says fail over and over... I have no expectations now. All I can hope is that this game spurs a demand for mouse/kb support as an option on consoles.

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cs_office forever :) the memories are there my will to buy this is not, sigh I just cant go back, they should have made a battlefield type size space, with real story driven terrorism vs counter, like objective 1, take the hostages, rob the place, hold off wave one, extract to getaway...etc..why keep it generic?

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Nothing new... and nuke looks horrible.

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@Dizzy1976 Valve just have this "touch" of originality in their games.

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Dont know about the rest of you but there is no way in hell that I would mistake this for CoD or Battlefield. No Way in