Counter Logic Gaming's Support Player Chauster Retires, Jungle Moves to Bench

Professional League of Legends organization Counter Logic Gaming has announced the retirement of one of its founding members and support player. CLG's jungler will also be leaving the starting lineup.

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Professional League of Legends team Counter Logic Gaming announced today that their oldest member, Steve “Chauster” Chau is retiring from competitive League of Legends. Chauster, whose professional career began in 2010, is one of the longest standing professional players and is the only League of Legends competitor to hold two WCG first place victories (2010/2011). More can be read on CLG's website.

The organization also announced the move of Michael “bigfatlp” Tang to the sub position, leaving none of the original members of CLG on the starting roster. With George “HotshotGG” Georgallidis and Cody “Elementz” Sigfusson coaching, while Sam “Kobe” Hartman-Kenzler casts for Riot Games, Season 4 will likely mark the first time that none of the original members of Counter Logic Gaming compete professionally.

Among his other accomplishments, Chauster is the only person to play all five roles competitively, and is known for his highly analytical mind and the unique strategies he crafted for Counter Logic Gaming. Chauster’s bold statements and outspoken attitude are highly favored by his fans. All-star AD carry and former teammate Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng attributes much of his success to the personal mentorship he received from Chauster who he has calls his, “closest friend on the team and the person [he] connected most with.”

Regarding his post retirement plans, Chauster told GameSpot, “I plan on becoming a streamer and analyst, although I don’t know if many teams have the resources or necessity to acquire an analyst. While streaming, I will also be going back to school, unless a full time gig in something League of Legends related is actually worth chasing.”

Speaking to GameSpot, Riot Games eSports manager Nick Allen said, “Chauster has been an important component of the League of Legends community. With his strategic insight, Chauster will have a lasting influence on the game."

Chauster's former teammate and current LCS commentator Kobe told GameSpot, "I wish Chauster the best of luck in his retirement. I will always remember playing and traveling with the original members of CLG, that's what really got me into eSports."

“Chauster has been an essential part of the team for a long time now,” said HotshotGG, Co-Founder and President of CLG. “He's not only been a great teammate, but also a great friend (sorry about the fudge bars, RIP). I have nothing but respect for him for making this decision; CLG would not be what it is today without him. I wish him the best in whatever he decides to pursue next!”

CLG has not yet announced replacements for either Chauster or bigfatlp and are said to be actively trying out new jungle and support players. The organization hopes to have an official roster in time to practice before their debut at IEM Cologne in late November.

When asked by GameSpot if he had any final words for his fans, Chauster ended his statement with, “Take care, don’t rage, and try to work with your teammates in solo queue. pls”

Read GameSpot's full interview with Chauster regarding his retirement here.

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