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Could Mewtwo Beat LeBron In Basketball? Stephen A. Smith Predicts Who Would Win

"It's possible, let's go with that."


Basketball legend LeBron James is widely considered to be the greatest player to ever step into the court, but just how well would he fare against one of the mightiest Pokemon of all time? Pokemon starter expert and sports commentator Stephen A. Smith was asked who he'd pick to win in a basketball game between LeBron and Mewtwo, and the TV personality believes that the genetically engineered Pokemon would actually stand a good chance of beating the NBA MVP in a game of 21.

"He's shorter than LeBron but he weighs more," Smith said in a serious analysis of Mewtwo's stats. "He can anticipate moves and stuff like that. Yeah, maybe he could pull it off. From the looks of him, he might scare LeBron. LeBron might want to shoot more jump-shots, might not want to come near him. That long tail, you never know. Might trip him. I'm not saying it definitely would happen, but it's possible. It's possible, let's go with that."

As Smith noted, Mewtwo is pretty tall, and as a Psychic-type, Pokemon he has several advantages. As demonstrated in the first Pokemon movie, Mewtwo probably wouldn't have a hard time taking control of the ball, predicting what LeBron would do next, or reflecting on the contest with Shakespearian eloquence. And that's before you factor in Mewtwo's mega-evolutions. And in case you're wondering, Smith also knows exact who would win in a fight between Stuart Little and Ratatoutille.

In other pocket monster news, a free Pokemon is available for a limited time in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Nintendo also announced Pokemon Legends Z-A recently, the next entry in the experimental Pokemon Legends series set to release on "Nintendo Switch platforms" in 2025.

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