Costume Quest invades PSN

PlayStation Store Update: Double Fine's adventure role-playing title hits download hub alongside Aqua Panic, Tomb Raider: Underworld; PSP store welcomes DJ Max Portable 3, Blazing Souls Accelerate.


No Caption Provided Sony's virtual marketplace expands this week with a handful of games ranging from Double Fine's themed adventure title to Pentavision's latest music-mixing game.

Halloween is 11 days away, but gamers can get in the mood today, as Double Fine's Costume Quest ($15) is now ready to download from the virtual marketplace. The game is an adventure role-playing title that plays out on Halloween night. Gamers find themselves among a group of young friends who travel about during All Hallows' Eve, collecting candy, cards, and quest assignments from denizens of their neighborhood.

Costume Quest dresses up this week.
Costume Quest dresses up this week.

With the addition of a mystical element, players will also be able to metamorphose into their costume of choice, giving them the ability to battle or outwit creatures of the night. A variety of costumes are in the game, and each comes with its own special attributes and powers.

Also arriving this week in the storefront was Tomb Raider: Underworld ($15). The title debuted in 2008 to lukewarm reception and casts players as the adventurous, nimble, and at times combative Lara. In the game players will strap into Lara's boots and travel to foreign locations, and spelunk, shoot, and climb their way to solving the ultimate puzzle.

The last title hitting the PS3 storefront this week was Aqua Panic ($10). From Eko Software, the colorful puzzle game has players use a number of tools to guide a group of lost fish home who were thrown out of the water after a violent tropical storm. It won't be that easy, though, as players will face a number of challenges along the way, including piranhas.

For PSP gamers, Sony added two new titles to the store this week, the first of which is DJ Max Portable 3 ($40). The latest in the music rhythm series from Pentavision features 40 mixes to tackle with unlockables and hidden features to discover along the way.

The other PSP release this week was Blazing Souls Accelerate ($35). The tactical role-playing game set in a world called Neverland places players in the boots of Zelos, a mercenary "with a shadowy past." Players will team up with others and embark upon an "epic quest for redemption and salvation."

On the mini front, Sony added just one title this week: Age of Hammer Wars ($5). The physics-based game tasks players with bashing their opponents with, as the game’s name suggests, a series of varied hammers.

Switching to the PSOne Classic hub, Sony added two Japanese imports to the marketplace today. Tall Unlimited ($6), a puzzle game where players must color-match blocks to build the highest tower, and Arcade Hits: Shineryu ($6), a vertical-scrolling shooter, are now ready to download from the store.

Those wishing to sample this week can download a trial for the already released Costume Quest and The Shoot and can also check out a demo for the fighting game Fist of the North: Ken's Rage, which is due out on November 2 in North America.

For the music-gamer, new tracks from Guitar Hero and Rock Band are ready to download today. Guitar Hero welcomes six new tunes from Linkin Park, and Rock Band adds songs from the Stone Temple Pilots and Jimmy Eat World.

A full list of the week's deals and new PlayStation Store content, including themes, wallpapers, demos, discounts, and add-on content, is available on the PlayStation Blog.

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