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Corsair's DDR5-6400 Memory Boasts Huge Bandwidth And Density Improvements

Corsair states that DDR5 RAM will have huge speed improvements over DDR4.


Since 2014, DDR4 memory has dominated the PC and console landscape. But its time has finally come, as DDR5 RAM will slowly roll out this year to replace it. Corsair is working on consumer-grade DDR5 itself and explained that you can expect huge speed increases over the current-gen memory.

In a blog post, Corsair explained that it's working on 6400 MHz DDR5 RAM, which is an absolutely ridiculous increase over, say, the RAM that's in the most recent MacBook Pro models (clocking in at only 2666 Mhz). For reference, the RAM MHz speed is a measure of how fast it can handle commands and access memory.

Corsair's comparison chart of the last three generations of RAM.
Corsair's comparison chart of the last three generations of RAM.

This translates to a massively improved memory bandwidth for DDR5-6400 over its predecessors. According to Corsair, its RAM will feature 51 GB/s bandwidth, more than double that of DDR4-3200. This increase is proportionally much higher than the jump from DDR3 to DDR4, too.

The manufacturer also stated that DDR5 will theoretically support 128 GB of memory in a single stick. This is a great additional benefit of the new generation of RAM, as it'll hopefully mean you won't have to cram as many RAM sticks on your motherboard (or, if you're so persuaded, you could also throw four 128 GB sticks in your computer to really go overboard).

Unfortunately, Corsair hasn't provided a date yet on when we might expect to get access to DDR5-6400, but it did say that it'll be soon. Other manufacturers are getting in on the action, too, although many are focusing currently on enterprise applications. For example, in March, Samsung revealed an absurd 512 GB module for AI systems.

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