Coronavirus Delays TurboGrafx-16 Mini Release

Konami confirms that Chinese manufacturing and shipping facilities have been impacted by the virus, and so the TG16 Mini is indefinitely delayed.


The TurboGrafx-16 Mini has been pushed back due to production delays in China. This is the latest piece of the games industry to be impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. Konami, which is distributing the mini-console, said that it is delayed "until further notice." It had been slated for March 19.

A new release date has not been announced. You can read the statement from Konami below, via Kotaku.

"Regarding the TurboGrafx-16 mini console and its peripheral accessories, the manufacturing and shipping facilities in China have encountered an unavoidable suspension due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. As a result, the delivery of all TurboGrafx-16 mini products, which was originally scheduled for March 19th, 2020, will be delayed until further notice.

"We deeply apologize to our customers for the significant inconvenience, and we humbly ask for your understanding and patience while we keep our close attention on the situation. We are investing all of our efforts to deliver the TurboGrafx-16 mini as soon as possible, and will provide further details on the deliver [SIC] timing once confirmed."

The TurboGrafx mini is actually a set of three products, with different names and looks based on how the original console appeared in its respective regions. The TurboGrafx-16 Mini is the American version, while Europe will get the PC Engine Core Mini, and Japan will get a PC Engine Mini. The price is set at $100 / €89.99 RRP.

Despite the different names and looks, though, the library will be the same across all three territories. Some games will be available in both English and Japanese, which means its library is functionally a bit smaller than its boast of 57 games. The one exception to the shared library is that the Japanese PC Engine Mini will include Tokimeki Memorial instead of Salamander. You can see the full lineups below.

Coronavirus has had broad impact across the games industry, resulting in the cancellation or postponement of several esports events and the developer-focused Game Developers Conference. The Switch version of The Outer Worlds was also pushed back due to concerns surrounding the virus.

TurboGrafx-16 Mini games:

  • Air Zonk
  • Alien Crush
  • Blazing Lazers
  • Bomberman ‘93
  • Bonk’s Revenge
  • Cadash
  • Chew-Man-Fu
  • Dungeon Explorer
  • J.J. & Jeff
  • Lords Of Thunder
  • Military Madness
  • Moto Roader
  • Neutopia
  • Neutopia II
  • New Adventure Island
  • Ninja Spirit
  • Parasol Stars
  • Power Golf
  • Psychosis
  • R-Type
  • Soldier Blade
  • Space Harrier
  • Splatterhouse
  • Victory Run
  • Ys Book I&II

PC Engine games:

  • Akumajō Dracula X Chi No Rondo
  • Aldynes
  • Appare! Gateball
  • Bomberman ‘94
  • Bomberman Panic Bomber
  • Chō Aniki
  • Daimakaimura
  • Dragon Spirit
  • Dungeon Explorer
  • Fantasy Zone
  • Galaga ‘88
  • Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire
  • Gradius
  • Gradius II – Gofer No Yabō –
  • Jaseiken Necromancer
  • Nectaris
  • Neutopia
  • Neutopia II
  • Ninja Ryūkenden
  • PC Genjin
  • Salamandr
  • Seirei Senshi Spriggan
  • Snatcher
  • Spriggan Mark 2
  • Star Parodier
  • Super Darius
  • Super Momotarō Dentetsu II
  • Super Star Soldier
  • The Genji and the Heike Clans
  • The Kung Fu
  • The Legend of Valkyrie
  • Ys I・II
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