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Cops Offer Good Advice to Pokemon Go Players

Stay safe out there, Pokemon trainers.


Pokemon Go is rolling out and we've already spent far too long staring at our screens while out in the wild. The upside is we've caught a Pidgey, Rattata, Zubat, Venonat, Slopoke, Drowsey, and Spearow.

The downside, however, is we've almost walked into a lamppost twice and actually have collided with a few power walking members of the public. Understandably, they weren't to impressed with, "I'm sorry I was trying to catch a Pokemon," as an excuse.

Inadvertently walking into the path of danger is, at this point, just a matter of time. It seems the authorities are aware of this problem and are stepping in to provide some helpful advice.

Australia's Northern Territory Police, Fire, and Emergency Services has published a post on its Facebook page telling Pokemon Go players to look up once in a while, and also to stop coming into police stations to stock up on Poke Balls.

Remember folks, don't risk your lives over a Sandshrew, officer Jenny wouldn't be very pleased either. Now if it's a Haunter, that's another matter entirely...

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