Cops accused of cutting PS3 line

Two of Rhode Island's finest under investigation for jumping launch-day queue of gamers waiting for hard-to-find console.


Gamers were willing to do almost anything to get a PlayStation 3 on November 17, the day the system debuted in North America. Some camped outside of stores for days, some resorted to crime, and some may have tried to use their stance as officers of the law to get their hands on a PS3.

The Associated Press is reporting that two Rhode Island police officers are currently under investigation for cutting into a line of gamers waiting to purchase the PS3 on launch day.

The two unnamed police officers were part of a group of seven who were permitted to jump ahead to the front of the line by two security guards. One of the officers claims to have done nothing wrong.

His police chief disagrees. "We think he did something very wrong," Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman told the AP. "He's been identified and he's going to be disciplined."

Both officers are currently under investigation by their departments for their actions, but no specifics into disciplinary action have yet been discussed.

The two security guards who let the group cut the line have been fired.

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