Cool New Vintage Transformers Action Figure Available To Pre-Order

The latest Vintage G1 Autobot action figure from Hasbro is Blaster, and you can secure it now ahead of its August release.


Hasbro's Vintage G1 series of action figures are some of the coolest Transformers toys around. They come in '80s-style packaging and maintain the classic look of the original Transformers toys while converting from their sly disguises to upright robots. The latest Vintage G1 Autobot, Blaster, was announced last year and is finally available to pre-order for $30 at Walmart ahead of its August release.

Vintage G1 Autobot Blaster
Vintage G1 Autobot Blaster

Each vintage Transformers action figure from Hasbro is inspired by the 1985 G1 lineup. Blaster converts from boombox to robot with just four moves. The 4.5-inch figure also comes with the electro-scrambler gun and foil decals that can be attached to the robot. In addition to looking the part of a classic Transformers toy, the Blaster also has neat little flourishes such as its tape deck that pops open with the press of the button. It doesn't play real cassette tapes, though.

While toy collectors typically keep original packaging, practically everyone who buys the Blaster action figure will probably want to hang onto the authentic '80s packaging that features the original G1 logo, character art, tech specs, and a battle scene featuring the Autobots and Decepticons.

It's worth noting that figures in the Vintage G1 series tend to be difficult to find in stores following release. Most of the earlier figures in the lineup are only available through third-party resellers. If you're interested in the Vintage G1 Autobot Blaster, it'd be smart to order prior to its release. Pre-orders placed at Walmart are expected to ship in early August.

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