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Cooking Real-Life Minecraft Food Is Apparently Popular Enough To Justify Another Cookbook

It's time to cook up some stew.


From the author who wrote Break an Egg: The Broadway Cookbook, Tomb Raider: The Official Cookbook and Travel Guide, and The Minecrafter's Cookbook: More Than 40 Game-Themed Dinners, Desserts, Snacks, and Drinks to Craft Together comes with yet another official Minecraft cookbook.

Minecraft: Gather, Cook, Eat Official Cookbook is out now and is priced at $19.59 for the hardcover and $9.99 for e-readers. The book teaches fans of the game how to cook various dishes ranging from appetizers, mains, desserts, and drinks.

According to the description, the book has a "variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free recipes." It contains over 40 recipes with a difficulty level on how hard they may be to cook. Some of the dishes include The Cake, Suspicious Stew, and Mooshroom Burgers.

A new official Minecraft cookbook is out now
A new official Minecraft cookbook is out now

The description goes on: "With step-by-step directions and beautiful photos, learn to make iconic in-game dishes, in addition to an abundance of recipes inspired by the limitless world of Minecraft."

If you're still unsure if you want to purchase the book. Mojang has released a few recipes on its website, with information on making Flower Forest Greens and Blocks Of Clay Fudge.

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