Cooking Mama franchise serves 4 million in US

Majesco's bread-and-butter franchise broaches quadruple-platinum mark after the release of Gardening Mama.


Majesco saw a significant turnaround period in 2008, before which it had succumbed to near irrelevance after its financial implosion in 2006. However, thanks to its shift away from top-tier, big-budget game development to mass-market-friendly casual games for Nintendo's best-selling Wii and DS, the publisher turned a $2.1 million profit last year on growing revenues of $63.9 million.

Majesco's sugar mama.
Majesco's sugar mama.

One of the key games in that turnaround has been Majesco's Cooking Mama franchise. This week, the publisher said that the franchise, which has seen five installments across Nintendo's Wii and DS, has now sold in excess of 4 million units domestically. Majesco did not offer global sales figures, and had not responded to requests for additional comment as of press time.

The latest addition to the Cooking Mama franchise, Gardening Mama for the DS, debuted to fairly positive reviews at the end of March. Offering a variation on the established cooking mechanic, Gardening Mama sees players tending and harvesting a variety of plants by participating in a range of minigames.

For more on the game, check out GameSpot's full review of Gardening Mama.

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