Cooking Mama 2 serves North America

Majesco dishing out seconds of Office Create's kitchen minigame compilation on November 13 for the Nintendo DS.


Cooking Mama: World Kitchen

Already, Taito has confirmed it is bringing Cooking Mama 2 to the Nintendo DS in Japan on November 15 and 505 Games has announced it will handle the European version of Office Create's quirky minigame compilation in Europe for next year. However, Majesco has been mysteriously mum on Cooking Mama 2 for the North American crowd, even while it is riding the success of the original chef-in-training simulation to milestone-setting sales of more than 500,000.

That changes today, though, as not only has Majesco invited Cooking Mama 2 to the North American table, but stateside gamers will be the first to taste Office Create's latest delectables on November 13. In Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends, players will be able to prepare 80 new recipes across 150 minigames. The game also features wireless multiplayer cook-offs for up to four, with only one copy of the game required.

Majesco also said today that a playable demo will be available at major retails for mass consumption some time in November at retail outlet kiosks. A Wii version of the game has also been announced for Europe, but Majesco had not commented on it as of press time.

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