Cookie Run: Kingdom Gets Even Weirder, And Devsisters' Brixity Is Coming Soon To iOS And Android

Devsisters is certainly staying busy, partnering with Disney on one game and working to save humanity in another.


Cookie Run: Kingdom is getting even bigger with the addition of the Candy Diver Cookie. Long away from their beloved sea, the candy gumballs that once filled their helmet have been replaced by sloshing soda water. If you have any idea how exactly that works, we're all ears. Well, ears and soda water.

The announcement trailer, which was shown as part of GameSpot Swipe, also gave us a look at the Disney crossover characters in the game. As part of the Festival of Dreams & Wishes, characters like Lilo, Stitch, Ariel, Mickey, and Belle will visit the game in October 2022. Many details remain unclear, but another big crossover was also teased in the presentation.

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Developer Devsisters has been creating new Cookie Run games for years, but it's also expanding to new territory with Brixity. Pronounced like "Brick City," which will be very clear when you start playing, the game sees you helping the few survivors of humanity as they attempt a return to Earth. It has been 500 years since the Earth was last habitable, but the creation of a new substance called "Brix" could be the solution to save the now-hostile planet.

The twist here is that Brix require the power of creativity in order to function. To make humanity's homeworld safe again, you must design your own city first. The humans living there don't have much they must do, but in preparation for returning to Earth, they can train to become anything from a construction worker to the Tooth Fairy. We aren't asking questions.

Brixity doesn't yet have a release date, but it's coming to both iOS and Android.

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