Convicted Murderer Says Video Games Made Killings Easier

His three victims were beaten badly and shot in the head.


An Idaho man, 22-year-old Adam Dees, convicted of murdering three people told authorities this week that his "addiction" to violent first-person shooter video games made the crime easier to commit.

From the Ada County Sheriff's Department blog: "When asked specifically about the murders, Dees said it wasn't that difficult for him to because he had done so much killing in video games."

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As part of a plea agreement, Dees was required to provide more details to investigators about the March murders of 80-year-old Ted Welp, 77-year-old Elaine Welp, and their son, 52-year-old Thomas Welp. There was no mention of the specific games that Dees was reportedly "addicted" to.

He also told detectives that he was depressed and suicidal when he carried out the murders. He robbed and murdered the Welp family after finding their high-end home on Google Maps

According to KTVB, all three victims were "found badly beaten and shot in the head."

Dees is taking medication for bipolar disorder. KVTB also quotes a counselor at Riverside Behavioral Health, Jaime McManus, as saying that people with existing mental illness conditions may be more likely to be affected by entertainment such as video games.

"If you are relatively healthy and socially stable child, you may do just fine being exposed to video games," she said. "If you already have some difficulties, emotionally or social, you may really need some limits."

Dees will soon be moved to the Idaho Department of Correction, where he will serve three consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole.

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