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Control's First Expansion Has You Seeking An Old Friend

Launching later this month, Control's Foundation DLC sends you back below The Old House.


Remedy Entertainment's latest title, Control, is set to receive two expansions that will continue the story from the main game. The first of the two will be released on March 26, Remedy has revealed.

Titled The Foundation, the first expansion will task players with investigating the disappearance of Helen Marshall--a supporting character that mysteriously goes missing in the main game's closing moments. There are suggestions that Marshall went to investigate some of the deeper parts of the Old House, which is hinted at again in the first teaser for the DLC.

Players of Control will recognize the name of the expansion and what it refers to, which leaves the direction for this expansion wide open. The area in question was only briefly glimpsed in the main game, but it's unclear yet if that might change with this imminent DLC.

Control is scheduled to get another piece of story DLC later this year, with strong indications that it links to Remedy's previous title, Alan Wake. Control was one of the standouts from 2019, with our 8/10 review saying, " Control's sinister atmosphere is impactful, sending a rush of questions through your head from the moment you press start."

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