Controller S becomes Euro Xbox standard

Microsoft announces that all Xbox consoles in Europe will now come with a Controller S instead of the larger, standard Xbox controller.


Microsoft has today announced that all Xbox consoles sold in Europe will now come packaged with the Controller S, which was introduced last year, rather than the larger and less popular standard Xbox controller.

"The decision to make Controller S standard in Europe was based on feedback from gamers," said Michel Cassius, senior director for Xbox platform and marketing. "The majority of gamers preferred Controller S to the original Xbox controller, and we saw an opportunity to further improve the Xbox offering to new gamers."

According to today's press release, the original Xbox controller will still be available for purchase separately in stores across Europe, but only while existing stocks last. Microsoft also recently ran a poll asking gamers which colors they'd like to see the Controller S released in later this year, the results of which will be announced at E3 next month.

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