Control Release Date Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

Control launches sooner than you might think.

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Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy has confirmed the release date of its newest project, Control. The action-adventure title will launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 27.

On PC, Control joins a growing list of games exclusive to the Epic Games Store--meaning you won't be able to buy the PC version on Steam or anywhere else. Pre-orders are open on all platforms now, starting at $60 for the standard edition in the US. International pricing has not yet been revealed.

Control was first revealed at E3 2018, where it quickly became one of our most anticipated games. It stars Jesse Faden, a woman with supernatural abilities. At the game's start, Jesse breaks into the Federal Bureau of Control--a fictional government agency that researches ways to explain and exploit paranormal phenomenon--in order to discover the truth about the origin of her powers. Her infiltration, however, runs into a snag, and she's suddenly thrust into a fight to protect the Bureau as its new director.

Jesse's powerful supernatural abilities allow her to wield telekinesis to rip apart the environment, or lift herself up and fly through the air. She can also seize the minds of others, bending them to her will and forcing them to fight alongside her.

Game director Mikael Kasurinen compared the atmosphere of Control to the 2018 movie Annihilation, while Remedy creative director Sam Lake loves that Control gives him the freedom to be weird again. For more, check out some Control gameplay from E3 2018 above.

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Avatar image for lonesamurai00

It will be interesting to see the ray-tracing on this game when I get the Steam version next year.

Avatar image for nsa_protocol44

Epic exclusive of the people who don't know it yet.

Avatar image for warmblur

It will cost you Tencent on PC.

Avatar image for ice12tray

Love this Dev so I’ll be picking this up! However, August is not sooner than I expected....

Avatar image for xxmavr1kxx

Looks like it is building upon some of the game mechanics from Quantum break, which I really enjoyed. This should be good. Hopefully it has some length to it though.

Avatar image for videogameninja


What a year! Probably a good time to release too considering all the great games being pumped out this year. Hoping the best for this title as it looks promising.