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Control PS5 And Xbox Series X/S Update Offers 60fps Or Ray Tracing In February

Control: Ultimate edition on next-gen consoles offers two graphics settings to choose from; see them in action on PS5 here.


The much-anticipated next-gen update for Control: Ultimate Edition launches in February, developer Remedy Entertainment has announced. This will bring technical enhancements to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game; as it stands, those platforms can only play the existing, backwards-compatible version of the hit sci-fi action game.

This update offers two different graphics settings to choose from on next-gen hardware. Performance mode offers 60fps gameplay, which--if it's able to stay locked--would come as a very welcome addition given the frame rate inconsistencies of playing Control on last-gen hardware. The alternative is Graphics mode, which drops the frame rate to 30fps but introduces ray tracing features.

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The brief video above demonstrates the two running on PS5, with the silky smooth frame rate of Performance mode looking quite nice--although it's shown in a scene without any combat or effects that might put a strain on the hardware. It also quickly shows off the implementation of ray tracing, which will at the very least involve ray-traced reflections based on what we see. It's a stark contrast to see the windows shift from milky panes to offering such accurate reflections, but it'll be up to you to decide whether you prefer ray tracing or a higher frame rate. Fortunately, it looks as if you can flip between the two from the in-game settings menu without having to restart.

Remedy will launch the digital version of Control: Ultimate Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on February 2, 2021, followed by the physical version on March 2, 2021. If you own the existing version of Control: Ultimate edition, you'll be able to upgrade for free. However, owners of the base game--even those who have also purchased the DLC, meaning they have everything in Ultimate edition--will not be eligible for the upgrade.

Control was one of 2019's best games and has since expanded with a pair of DLC expansions, The Foundation and AWE, both of which are included in Ultimate edition.

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