Conspiracy to Bring ESP Games Stateside

The company will publish Bangai-O and Record of Lodoss War for the North American Dreamcast.


GameSpot has learned that Conspiracy Entertainment will release Bangaioh and Record of Lodoss War for the North American Dreamcast. Bangaioh is a free-roaming 2D shooter from Treasure, which is one of the most prominent developers of games in that particular genre. Record of Lodoss War is based on the Japanese fantasy anime of the same name and was developed by Kodokawa Shoten. The mech-heavy Bangaioh was released for the Japanese Dreamcast in December 1999, and Record of Lodoss War was released in Japan in June of this year. There are no specific dates for the North American release of either game, but they are expected to arrive in late 2000 or early 2001.

On a related note, Conspiracy will also publish the Lost Boys-developed game Knights for the North American market. As reported previously, Knights is an action-adventure game set in the fictional kingdom of Whyrule. In order to assume the kingship of the kingdom and to marry the princess Layla, the player must compete in a tournament full of classic fairy-tale quests and modern extreme sports. For example, players might have to hang glide one minute and slay dragons the next. Knights will be released for the PlayStation 2 in late 2001 and for other next-generation consoles in early 2002. It will make use of Havoc's physics technology and will be published in Europe by German publisher Swing! Entertainment.

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