Console-Like Graphics Come to Mobile With New Racing Game

Check out a teaser trailer and the first images for CSR2.


NaturalMotion's mobile racing game CSR Racing is getting a sequel, CSR2, the developer's parent company Zynga announced on Wednesday. The 2012 original, a free game that has seen more than 130 million downloads, offered strong visuals for the time. But the sequel goes even further.

The developer has shared the first CSR2 images and a video, captured in-game on an iPhone 6, and they do not disappoint. Take a look at the video and some images in the gallery below for a closer look. One thing to bear in mind, however, is that Zynga has not shared any actual gameplay footage just yet.

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CSR2 is in development at NaturalMotion's London East studio. The team is made up of people who worked on esteemed racing franchises such as Forza, Need for Speed, Dirt, and Burnout.

"Their passion for cars is as strong as their desire to create the most beautiful and most authentic racing game possible," NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil said in a blog post. "Each car, down the stitching on the seats, is built without compromise to its real-world beauty, integrity, and authenticity."

As part of its drive for authenticity, NaturalMotion worked with vehicle manufacturers such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and Pagani for the cars' exteriors and interiors. In terms of visuals, Reil says his team is using some of the "world's most advanced" shading and lighting techniques.

CSR2 isn't just about new visuals, however. The game also introduces a new drag race mode, though NaturalMotion isn't providing much in the way of specifics just yet.

"We're staying true to this core gameplay, and we are very excited to tell you about how we have innovated on it in the near future," Reil said.

CSR2 will be released in the coming weeks through a "soft launch" in select territories. During this time, NaturalMotion says it will listen to player feedback and tweak the game as needed before its global rollout later this year.

Zynga acquired NaturalMotion last year in a $500 million deal.

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