Connecticut town cancels plans to destroy games

Community leaders in Southington say their aim to promote discussion has proven successful, making physical event unnecessary.


Southington, Conn. community leaders announced today that they have canceled plans to collect and destroy violent video games, among other forms of media. The group held a press conference this morning during which a spokesperson explained to Polygon that they have achieved what they set out to do, making this weekend's event unnecessary.

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"We succeeded in our program. Our mission was to create strong awareness in Southington for parents and families and citizens and children. And we accomplished that," spokesperson Dick Fortunato said. "Our other objective was to promote discussion of violent video games and media with children and with the families at the home. And we've accomplished that in spades. So we deemed it became unnecessary to have the physical return on Saturday of violent games. Also because it would create an unnecessary amount of logistical details for us."

Announced last week, the event would have seen volunteers assemble at the Southington Drive-In on January 12 to accept any video games, CDs, or DVDs parents or children wished to get rid of. These games would have been destroyed, and each family would have received a gift certificate to a local restaurant, the Lake Compounce amusement park, or a bowling alley.

The idea was conceived just weeks after the December 14 schoolhouse massacre in Newtown, Conn, which left 20 children and six adults dead. Southington is a 35-minute drive from Newtown.

Discussion around violent games, and other forms of media, has taken off since the deadly shooting last month. Earlier today, New Jersey governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) said on national television that violent video games must be examined as part of a comprehensive effort to reduce gun violence in the United States.

Additionally, National Rifle Association vice president Wayne LaPierre said at a press conference last month that violent video games like Bulletstorm and Mortal Kombat were partially to blame for the shooting. California senator Leland Yee called this claim "mind-boggling."

Earlier in December, West Virginia senator Jay Rockefeller introduced a bill to Congress that would direct the National Academy of Sciences to investigate how violent games and other such programming affect children.

What's more, US Vice President Joe Biden will meet with representatives from the video game industry this month to discuss the role of violent games as part of a wider task force looking into the role of violent media in mass shootings.

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This bullshit is just like with what C Delores Tucker and her mindless followers were doing, only they actually went through with breaking rap albums back in the 90's.

Avatar image for Errorcutive

Hell im 13 and im ok with far cry 3 and other violence game

Avatar image for electroban

"Also because it would create an unnecessary amount of logistical details for us."

Yes the logistical detail being forcibly entering houses and removing computer games from the houses?

Avatar image for Komissar33188

@electroban To be fair, Southington wasn't promoting kicking in any doors. It was just doing its own form of the gun buyback for video games, letting prudish parents and guys like me who weren't going to play Halo 2 again and want to go bowling get rid of their unwanted games. That's a full 25% less idiotic and overreactive.

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i take this as a complement. people used to burn books because they were a source of knowledge and they could not understand them. the same thing is happening again.

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If someone is crazy enough to take a gun to school and kill his friends and teachers then there is a much deeper set problem than him having played violent games! He is quite obviously unstable. There are hundreds of millions of gamers around the world and how many have killed? A hand full? How many non-gamers have killed? Tonnes? It's like saying "this killer is a keen eater of lamb chops so BAN MEAT!"

Avatar image for DarkReign2552

Remember that time when people believe the universe revolved around us, than Galileo theorized that we moved around the sun and the religious officials arrested him and hindered his research because they didn't like what they didn't understand? A "videogame burning" kind of reminds me of this. And do we all remember the results of Galileo's theory? I would hope you do. Despite all of the bigotry and ignorance, he ended up being right and the world was better for it. Same thing here. Destroying something because you don't like it just makes the problem worse.

Avatar image for Regression

HAHAHA Bulletstorm and Mortal Kombat.. you can tell they're paying attention here. Very current. Meanwhile let's get a huge pile of art like the nazis and destroy it for the betterment of our children, but allow them to stay glued to their cellphones, facebook, blah blah blah blah BLAH. Oh, false alarm, we got across what we wanted to so uh.. we don't have to do it now. Try this one. You were afraid of the backlash you might receive from the public, and you couldn't get the kind of community support to follow through on your gift certificate idea because no one wants to back you on your irrelevant cause. The world is now filled with gamers who are also consumers, so it's probably unwise to try to stick it to them. Backing off like that just made you look like cowards. Congrats, "elders".

Avatar image for Kunakai

Guns don't kill people, video games do?

Could you crazy yanks put down your crack pipes for a goddamn second and screw your freaking heads on?

Avatar image for monk1junk1

@Kunakai Guns don't kill people, bullets do.

Avatar image for Quandry

@monk1junk1 @Kunakai People with loaded guns kill people. But we can't outlaw people.

Avatar image for TommyT456

@Quandry @monk1junk1 @Kunakai Guns dont kill people, nuh uh. I kill people...with Guns. Haha gotta love Jon Lajoie

Avatar image for Warlord_Irochi

The gamers will cancel plans on destroying Connecticut town.

Oh wait, sorry, forgot we are not THAT stupid...

Avatar image for chris33183

Im actually glad this didnt happen. The idea kinda reminded me of all those religious nut jobs that burn science books.

Avatar image for BlueFlameBat

I'm surprised they weren't planning to have people throw the violent materials into the street to be crushed by a steam roller like people did with Sinéad O'Connor, Milli Vanilli, and The Dixie Chicks.

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My kids fat - its the hamburgers fault.

My kids violent - its the video games fault.

My kid failed math - its the teachers fault.

My kid throws like a girl - im a single mother, so its the dads fault

My kid licks the window on the bus - its the vaccines fault

My kid fell down outside - that ground shouldn't have been there!

Heres an idea - YOURE A SHITTY PARENT. Period. .

SO...if the back room of your house resembles a Stanley Kubrick film and you have your 130 pound 11 year old strapped to a chair crammin whoppers in his grill while showing him violent 1+1=3 propaganda films please stop post haste. kthnxbye

Avatar image for TommyT456

@100proofsoco Exactly! Couldn't have said it better myself. Well maybe I could've if my skool teacher had taughted me the talkin thing proper. Take responsibility and stop trying to pass it off, jeez I swear people should have to pass a test and get a license to be allowed to have kids these days.

Avatar image for Ertrick36

@100proofsoco Everyone's just defending themselves. The NRA attacks games because somewhere somehow (in the back recesses of their lackluster brains), they know that drawing attention to violent video games will drive attention away from a simple gun-control discussion. Irresponsible parents blame video games to hid the fact that they are just unsure whether or not they actually are being negligent. And gamers will point to those irresponsible cotton-heads that bombarded the Mass Effect Facebook page with hate and say, "You guys are almost adrogenous, and you all are probably either a bunch of gun-rights freaks or are irresponsible parents." What's right? I think the fact that the shooter mercilessly shot his mother with a handgun (probably illegally obtained) sort of speaks for itself. Get a backbone, parents.

Avatar image for BamaGoatt

Read between the lines wtf was we thinking in this economy how could we afford to give people $25 gift certificates and destroy the games. We would be hypocrites to resell them for a profit. Hey we made people aware of what we wanted to do equals more donations going into our pockets from church woman mission accomplished. They are now at level 2 and gain $550k in their pockets.

Avatar image for Angelsoft717

In simpler terms, nobody wanted to do it.

Avatar image for MarcusFeelius

Idiots. Don't understand these fools at all.

Avatar image for hoarddj

Violent Action figures are the real problem...

Avatar image for silvergol

This Connecticut Town is super strange.

Avatar image for OGKNav

Ironically almost played themselves back into 1980s there.

Avatar image for Jager5

Their objective was to stir up the hysteria and clucking fools wanting to "do something about the problem" to make themselves feel better. And they accomplished that in spades. So the state cancelled its game burn? How many "public minded" parents whipped into this frenzy had private get togethers with friends to destroy their kids game collections and pat themselves on the back for fighting violence and making their town safer? Meanwhile the states hands stay clean. Well played, CT, the first 3 letters of your name is most deserved.

Avatar image for rogue81

@Jager5 The state government of Connecticut had nothing to with it. This idea originated in and was confined to the community of Southington.

Avatar image for Jager5

I stand corrected. My point still stands even if my aim was a bit off.

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

It was a stupid idea to being with, but I'm glad they finally came to their senses.

Avatar image for garyfrclev0815

what happen in conn is sad but vid games are not the blame i mean didnt the mother have all these and didnt she teach this kid to shoot knowing he had mental problems it sounds to me gta wasnt the problem or hitman but his mother

Avatar image for garyfrclev0815

i dont know about other states but here in tampa fl if the game says 17 or under you need a adult and the gamestop i go to wont let minor kids buy the game so if you dont want your kid to play violent games dont buy them its that simple

Avatar image for rogue81

@garyfrclev0815 That's Gamestops company policy. Actually, I can't think of a store that doesn't have that policy. When I see parents buying violent games for their kids, they've usually been lied to by the kid. The number of parents that trust their kids and ignore the warnings from the employees is surprising.

Avatar image for kenkashijd

so u tried to kill off violent games, movies and media for the U.S. all because your little small scale town had a tragic moment and then make a country of a large scale suffer for it. Idiots.smh

Avatar image for S_Pac_316

Thank goodness! They actually have brains!

Avatar image for Hey_Jay

So much fail for something that ended up working out.

Avatar image for thequickshooter

sanity prevails!

Avatar image for Xsdas2

"We couldn't afford it"

Avatar image for Henninger

Thats a lie. Either they didnt have enough support or they didnt have enough gift certificates. Either they're lying. Do i know for sure they're lying? No. But I'm calling bullshit on this 1.

Avatar image for fadersdream

Apparently they weren't ready to come through with the gift certificates and backed out of the plan for financial reasons.

Avatar image for suhinho

shouldn't possession of firearms be the first subject of discussion to be acted upon before discussing violent media to our mental health? isn't there a order of things for example to prevent a child from sucking on their thumb first teach them to stop before cutting it off?

Avatar image for angubaranar123

@suhinho If you don't have guns, how can you protect yourself against crazy videogame-addicted kids?

Videogames are the root of all evil, rifles are the solution.

Also firearms are pretty useful in case of zombie invasion.

Avatar image for fadersdream

@suhinho that's not how a scapegoat works

Avatar image for St0Ne4Ge

"Our other objective was to promote discussion of violent video games" by burning the devil devices at the stake for possessing our children and making them kill innocent people.

Avatar image for spookysev

Repost of an earlier comment made by ...damn i forget but anyway needs to be shared :)

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

"Also because it would create an unnecessary amount of logistical details for us." More like logical details.

Avatar image for johnnyauau

As dumb as its sounds, the history of America has no women going out on a killing spree. I mean it's usually the men going out killing because gun shops hasn't gone underground. Has anyone fantasize a beautiful girl carrying a sexy gun? Not likely. I wouldn't dream of Britney Spears sing while showing off her beautiful shotgun as that could ruin her image. The other way around is no girl would dream of a mentally insane, attractive ladies man carrying a pistol, just to have some orgy violence.

On the women side of things, it would be interesting if the sex roles has been reversed and America gets wacky. Anyway, there's nothing hot about girls carrying guns.

Avatar image for Cyber_Skaarj


"Has anyone fantasize a beautiful girl carrying a sexy gun?"

Yes. That's why Lara Croft exists.

Avatar image for SamuraiSeven

@johnnyauau NO, sir. I think your mistaken. This is where opinion and fact fork in the road and the above statement has taken the former route.

Avatar image for johnnyauau

@SamuraiSeven So sexy girls carrying guns is still hot in America? Who's your favourite girl?

Avatar image for spookysev

@johnnyauau @SamuraiSeven Kate Beckinsale - underworld...damn them tight pvc pants!