Connect missing March relaunch?

With only hours left in the month, the revamped version of Sony's promised Web-to-PSP download service is nowhere in sight.


At the 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in January, Sony announced that it would launch a revamped version of its Connect download service. Launched in May 2004, the service has struggled to compete with iTunes. As outlined by executives at the event, the new service would offer even more media than Apple's megapopular iTunes, such as books and games.

At Sony's main presentation at CES, Sony Computer Entertainment executive John Kohler took the stage and explicitly said that the service would be available this month. "One of the key news announcements that came out today from Sony Connect is the Connect video download service that will allow consumers to download feature-length movies and shorts to their PSP," said Kohler. "This feature will be available in March." The game and book services were expected to go online later this year.

However, now it appears that Sony will miss its own self-imposed deadline. With only hours left in the month, the Connect Web site remains the same, offering a limited number of selections in the company's proprietary ATRAC audio format.

If it doesn't go up later today, when will the new PlayStation Portable-enabled Connect launch? For now, that is unclear. As of press time, Sony reps had not returned requests for comment.

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