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Learn about the fictional terrorist group that will threaten the safety of the world in the upcoming squad shooter.


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Next week the Conflict series will finally head in to the future with its latest installment, Global Terror. In keeping with the reality of modern geopolitical strife, the game's designers have concocted a secretive antagonistic force for the storyline. The following is a brief introduction to the nefarious baddies that will make your life difficult over the course of Global Terror's campaign mode.

Meet March 33

March 33 has ties to the original Nazi party.
March 33 has ties to the original Nazi party.

March 33 is a shadowy neo-Nazi organization dedicated to the creation of the Fourth Reich. To achieve its goal, March 33 seeks to both destabilize the global economy and undermine democratic governments. Using its extensive Colombian drug revenues, March 33 funds terrorist groups around the world, many of which are at odds with March 33's goals. All March 33 is interested in, however, is the disruption these groups can cause.

March 33 also acts as a broker for other terrorist groups that trade radioactive materials, sarin gas, military hardware, and biological weapons on a global scale. By creating a high level of terrorist activity, March 33 hopes that international trade will be disrupted and governments will become discredited, creating a situation where neo-Nazi groups can seize power.

March 33 traces its origins to the end of World War II, when many Nazis fled from Germany helped by the ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen), a secret organization with links to South America. After arriving in South America, many Nazis were accepted in Argentina, where they became advisers to the Peron government. Some were prominent Nazis, such as the infamous Dr. Josef "Angel of Death" Mengele and Adolf "Chief Executioner" Eichmann, principal director of the "final solution." The hopes and dreams of the Third Reich were kept alive in the newly formed March 33 organization and were passed down generations to the present day.

March 33 actively supports terror groups and death squads throughout South America, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, South Korea, and the Philippines. It maintains close links with terrorist training groups in the Middle East and Africa. March 33 was also actively involved in fermenting racial and religious unrest in the Balkans during the breakup of Yugoslavia and has strong links with white supremacists in South Africa. Wherever there is racial tension, March 33 incites it for its own ends.

Conflict: Global Terror will be in stores in just a few days.
Conflict: Global Terror will be in stores in just a few days.

The decision to go with March 33 was based on research into active terror groups and the various connections between them. Few terror groups exist in isolation, as many have international links and trade with one another for weapons and equipment. March 33 was created to fulfill the role of an international terrorist broker. Instead of just being motivated by money, it was decided that it would be much more interesting if March 33 was also working on its own agenda. I've always been interested in World War II, particularly in how many Nazis escaped to start new lives in Argentina after the war. The idea behind March 33 is that some of the original Nazis' descendants are planning to establish the Fourth Reich by any means possible. This involves drug trafficking and funding various terror groups, as well as having plans to start a major war (as revealed in Conflict: Global Terror). March 33, therefore, makes the ideal enemy to act as the connection between all the terror groups encountered during the game.

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