Conflict: Desert Storm update

SCi's squad-based action game based on the Gulf War is on track for release this summer.


GameSpot UK recently visited the SCi offices in London to take a look at Conflict: Desert Storm, the company's upcoming third-person squad-based action game based on the Gulf War. Players will begin the game controlling a single character trying to rescue a fellow soldier behind enemy lines, and as they progress through the missions they will gain control of additional characters until they are commanding a full squad. The game will incorporate role-playing-style character development so that squad members will become more effective as they gain experience. This will give players an added incentive not to let their squad members die during the course of the campaign, since they would then be replaced by less-experienced and less-effective characters.

Conflict: Desert Storm is scheduled for release this summer. For more information, and to see a new group of screenshots from the game, read the full update at GameSpot UK.

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