Conflict: Desert Storm details

SCi announces that the GameCube version of its tactical shooter will feature a number of improvements over previous incarnations of the game.


Following the recent 2911084announcement that Conflict: Desert Storm will be released for the GameCube, SCi has today announced that it will feature a number of improvements over the previously released PS2, Xbox, and PC versions of the game.

Undoubtedly the biggest improvement being made to the game is that the multiplayer mode will now support four players rather than two, which should make for some interesting cooperative play. Other improvements will include more intelligent enemies and teammates, graphics that have been optimized for the GameCube hardware, and a refined aiming system that will see the player's accuracy affected by their stance.

Conflict: Desert Storm is currently scheduled for release in North America on April 22, and in Europe sometime in May. For more information, you might like to check out our reviews of the PS2 , PS2 , and PS2 versions of the game.

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