Confirmed: No Quake Wars in 2006

Activision confirms the latest Enemy Territory game has slipped from this year's schedule; will be ready "when it's done."


At E3 2005, visitors to the Activision booth were treated to the first trailer for Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. For just over a minute and a half, viewers were treated to the PC game's arsenal of sci-fi shooter action, which will pit humanity against an invading army of Strogg cyborgs in Battlefield-style multiplayer combat. Following a series of explosions, the trailer (viewable below) pronounced that "the invasion begins 2006." This year at E3, the playable Quake Wars demos at the Activision booth had gamers lining up to get their frag on. The footage on display was so impressive, it earned the title a nomination for the "Best PC Game" prize from the Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2006.

Given the hype, it is likely that many PC gamers had Quake Wars on their shopping list for the 2006 holiday season. Unfortunately, they can now scratch it off. In the wake of a flurry of Web reports prompted by a GameSpy developer interview, Activision has confirmed the game will not be arriving this year.

"It has slipped from the 2006 schedule," a rep told GameSpot; "the official release date now is 'When it's done.'"

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