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Conference explores game industry's biz potential

Game execs, Hollywood insiders, legal experts gather to discuss investing in and selling games.


Games are a booming business, and the financial world is beginning to take notice. On February 24, The Wall Street Transcript will offer a conference on marketing games, "Positioning for Profitability in the Video Game Economy," in New York City. Using Halo 2 as a model of success, the conference will examine ways to lure investors and create money-making sales campaigns.

During the event, industry speakers will address ways to connect with Hollywood, discuss in-game advertising opportunities, and bring guests up to speed on the latest wireless devices. Investment experts will explain different segments of the game economy, and show how to follow consumer shifts and laws that impact that economy.

Guest moderators and panelists will include a mix of game-industry pros, Hollywood insiders, and legal experts, including figures from Namco, Trymedia, AOL Games, MTV, The Hollywood Reporter, Fog Studios, and the International Game Developers Association. Isaac Babbs, general manager of Infospace Mobile, and Eric Albert, sales director for Gameloft, will address wireless gaming. James Regan, director of business development at Ubisoft, will discuss future directions for the industry.

"The financial community is beginning to take notice," said David Wanetick, managing director of Gateway Reports and The Wall Street Transcript. "Successful investors will have to discern the most attractive business models and distill the elements that cause a video game to reach celebrity status."

For more on the conference, visit the official Web site.

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