Conduit, Grand Slam Tennis feel June gloom, Red Faction hits 267,000

Sega's core sci-fi shooter sells under 72,000; EA's first tennis game fouls out with 54,000 sold as THQ's acclaimed sci-fi shooter only sells 67,600 units on PS3; Call of Juarez rounds up 44,000 in five days.


Yesterday, the NPD Group released its sales figures for its worse-than-expected June reporting period, which lasted from May 31 to July 4. Supplemental information provided today cemented Prototype's place atop the industry research firm's non-PC game charts. Combined sales of the Xbox 360 (first place with 419,800 units) and PlayStation 3 (13th, 179,200 units) versions of the game totaled 598,200 units, a respectable debut.

Red Faction: Guerrilla didn't exactly blow up, but it did OK during a dismal month.
Red Faction: Guerrilla didn't exactly blow up, but it did OK during a dismal month.

Subsequent game-sales figures collated from analyst reports and other sources shed light on the sales results of several other games. Though the Xbox 360 version of Red Faction: Guerrilla came in ninth place on NPD's non-PC chart with 199,400, the PlayStation 3 version didn't even make the top 20. In fact, the critical hit only sold 67,600 units on Sony's platform, bringing the game's 31-day console sales total for the Volition-developed game to approximately 267,000 units.

A bigger disappointment was The Conduit from Sega and High Voltage software. Despite being hyped as a hardcore first-person shooter designed from the ground up for the Wii, the game sold less than 72,000 units on the back of so-so reviews. Besides boding ill for High Voltage's other upcoming core Wii games, Gladiator A.D. and The Grinder, the game's poor showing underlined the risks of launching non-mass-market IP on the Wii. Sega knows the pitfalls all too well, having seen the M-rated Wii-exclusive actioner Madworld sell just 66,000 units domestically when it debuted in March.

Ironically, while EA Sports games took four of NPD's top-10 slots, another heavily hyped title from the megapublisher's athletic arm didn't even make the top 20. That title was Grand Slam Tennis, the heavily hyped--and tepidly reviewed--first tennis game from the publisher in years. It sold just 54,000 units in the 26 days after its June 8 launch, a performance which cast a shadow over the 360 and PS3 versions planned for later this year.

Last and possibly not least is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood from Ubisoft and Polish developer Techland. Released on June 30, the critically praised Wild West shooter sold 24,000 units on the 360 and 20,000 on the PlayStation 3 for the PS3. (PC numbers were not available.) While the 44,000-unit total seems low, keep in mind it covers only five days, two of which fell during the long July 4 weekend--when travel, barbecues, and outdoor activities typically take precedence over gaming.

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sad that hardcore wii games are being made this year but not many people buy them Im hoping to get Madworld soon and support more hardcore games being made on the wii.

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Gregdawg08 it is especially when the supposed "low" sales of infamous sold more than double that on its first 2-3 days of release, and when that is considered low then the conduit is really low by the industry standards of giant launches

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Gamespot's not biased against the Wii, they just know that the Wii is no longer a platform for gamers. I own a wii and I was looking forward to it but there are only about 5 games worth buying. Plus, The Conduit's sales are disappointing because there is such a big install base that success and failure are different on Wii compared to the PS3 and 360.

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Wii has alot of piracy that might be the reason why Conduit sells were so low :?

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Viewtiful_jay "Now, if you're talking House of the Dead, Madworld and now the Conduit, you gotta look at the common thread: Sega. Now, look at some of the other crap Sega's pumped out the last few years. Do the sales figures of these games really surprise you?" If you look at Sega's other releases the past few years which include Condemned 2, Virtua Fighter 5, Valkyria Chronicles, and the criminally underrated Sonic Unleashed, then yeah, that's pretty dang surprising.

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@specialed:Listen to the authors tone. It's more what the author didn't say than what he did say. He obviously doesen't like the Conduit, and makes it sound like there isn't any hardcore market on the Wii. Plus, he fails to say that in a little over a week that the Conduit sold 70,000, not the entire month or even just two weeks. He makes 70,000 in around a week sound bad.

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DiaperRash89, it came out June 23...even you acknowledge that....So count from June 23 to July 4th......What do you get? 12 days.....Not 7...Its sad that your school failed yourself and others here with arithmetic...

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Whether it's creating a shooting mechanic that actually works on the Wii or a generational leap in destruction physics, neither Conduit or Red Faction deserve to sell the way they are selling right now.

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Only gamespot to be bias!! But you also have to look at this! Times are tought now and buying games are realy to much. Just look at other game news not alot of people have been buying.

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Why does this website have so much bias towards the Wii Console? The Conduit came out on June 23, which it had a week to sell. The game sold ~72,000 copies in just a week! How is that a failure!?

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I don't really care how good The Conduit sold. It's an average shooter, whether it's on the Wii or not.

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not enough real gamers on wii apparently, and the tennis game is crap.

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intro94 said, "self apologetic news.It says KEEP in mind juarez sold 20k per console in 5 days! BUT dont keep in mind Conduit sold 72k in 9 !pathetic bastards." Sorry, but from June 23-July 4th is 12 days....sorry man, but you cant count...sad..

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The Conduit hadn't even come out untill the last week of June so of course it's not going to have many sales, it didn't even come out in Europe or Australia till July so i think people should wait for this month's reports before they judge whether or not The Conduit was a success.

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gregdawg08, its clear the article is about the failing gaming market in this economy....Why would you think gamespot has a boas against the wii...Facts speak for themselves and the wii games mentioned didnt do well at all...It is what it is...

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death919 actually its a week and a half, the sales count ended on July 4th

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I have fun with Red Faction, Prototype and Infamous, their all different from one another, and they each do great things

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Like I said WHAT....AN.....EPIC....FAIL..(Conduit) Go ahead point your cursor over thumbs down and click away. Reign on me with your hate...

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I dont understand people, First people bash developers for releasing so many sequals to know IP's but when original games are made people dont get them. The Irony ..If this continues the game industry is doomed :(

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It s simple economics lower the prices so we can buy more games!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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i think the sales of inFamous on the PS3 took away from Activision's prototype. i think the conduit could have sold more but then again it hasn't been out that long.

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self apologetic news.It says KEEP in mind juarez sold 20k per console in 5 days! BUT dont keep in mind Conduit sold 72k in 9 !pathetic bastards.

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The Conduit was only out for 1 week... if it was out for the whole month then I would understand calling the sales bad, but it's a new IP from a relatively unknown developer, 70k is good sales for the first week.

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Sure, the Conduit has precise controls and is technically impressive. However, from an artistic perspective it is bare bones and unimaginative. The game wasn't aiming very high to begin with. If the Conduit were on any other console, it'd be put down like Old Yeller. The game just feels dated. Saying that a game is the best shooter on the Wii doesn't make it necessarily a good game. And to be honest, I'm not surprised it didn't sell very well.

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As for The Conduit...I think most hardcore gamers for the Wii will pirate it, as they have the know how. Leaving the casual gamers who have no interest in such a title. vicious circle, but true. Grand Slam Tennis would be up against Virtua Tennis 2009, a known series from the Dreamcast days. Both by Sega, but why release them at the same time?? I look at the list and to me there is no 90%+ killer game, more like a bunch of medicore games at best. As for Red Faction... Started well(Zone 1), repeated missions, fell asleep through Zone 2 and mostly through Zone 3. Met the Marauders, felt it started to become interesting, as they reminded me of the Sand People from Star Wars. Slept through Zone 4, and through 1 mission only(Zone 5) Saw the Marauders again, watched a cinematic and thought they might start to develop the story more(best part of the game for me - The Marauders), but no... go to Zone 6, better action, then the game finished. Overall it was ok.

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I thought the conduit would have sold more than that. Still want to get it tho

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Yeah, The Conduit is an awesome game.... there are no games that are near The Conduit when it comes to presice controls... if you say yes... then tell me the game... but I don´t think that any other game could compare to conduit in that topic + DON´T GIVE ME CR@P HERE PEOPLE... THE STORY MODE KEPT ME GOING FOR A WHILE... actually I finished it more then 3 times (not quite 4 times yet, need another 3 lvls for that :P) and I think online is awesome... and hey... High Voltage Software did excatly what they wanted to achieve with this game..... extremely awesome custoomizebale controlls that work out for everyone (except for 1 or 2 persones xD) So yeah.... HVS KEEP GOING. YOU´RE NEXT GAMES WILL SELL EVEN MORE^^

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The Conduit is a poor game, these sales are what happens when a poor game is released. Even in the best of economic times this game would not be selling greatly because people haven't fallen for the hype that High Voltage and Sega dished out. When good games come out on the Wii they're purchased

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The Conduit is a great game, people shouldn't avoid it.

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this is usa sales numbers only right? what about the rest of the world

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I don't think the Wii necessarily fails at hardcore games. Look at your Resident Evil 4 port, and your Umbrella Chronicles. Both did fine. Now, if you're talking House of the Dead, Madworld and now the Conduit, you gotta look at the common thread: Sega. Now, look at some of the other crap Sega's pumped out the last few years. Do the sales figures of these games really surprise you? Fact is, mediocre games are going to meet with mediocre sales. While they were all fun games, they all offered up 5 or so hours of gameplay at best. The conduit has multiplayer, but the thing is, it offers NOTHING that hasn't been done better in any other FPS on the other systems. So, bottom line is, you're not going to sell me a game based on the "OMG iz hardc0r3 4 Wii" tag, Sega. If you want to make a "hardcore" game, that's fine. But make it WORTH a purchase, and not a weekend rental, or a "but it when it gets down to under $30". In other words - QUIT HALF ASSING EVERYTHING YOU DO.

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The Conduit deserves more than 67,600 sells.

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The Wii fails at producing hardcore games. Either that or those people crying over the forums about the lack of hardcore games on the Wii are just not supporting it at all. MadWorld, House of the Dead, GTA Chinatownwars, and now the Conduit. What a shame. Those are really good games. I hope the Counduit would do well in sales but the numbers are way to low. Just leave hardcore games on the 360 and PS3. The Wii will always be for the casual gamers.

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@NuKkU This doesn't prove anything. What these games listed are just great rental games. I sure wouldn't spend 60 bucks on these...

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This just proves that hardcore games cant find success on the Wii first Madworld and now this and more titles to come On more cheery news good job to Red Faction i was afraid they wouldnt sell that much but thanks to there awesome advertising (this game was massively advertise considering that this game was only known to the hardcore of hardcore gamers u know what i mean wasnt known like Halo or Call of Duty) Really congratz to Red Faction they deserve it!