Conduit, Grand Slam Tennis feel June gloom, Red Faction hits 267,000

Sega's core sci-fi shooter sells under 72,000; EA's first tennis game fouls out with 54,000 sold as THQ's acclaimed sci-fi shooter only sells 67,600 units on PS3; Call of Juarez rounds up 44,000 in five days.


Yesterday, the NPD Group released its sales figures for its worse-than-expected June reporting period, which lasted from May 31 to July 4. Supplemental information provided today cemented Prototype's place atop the industry research firm's non-PC game charts. Combined sales of the Xbox 360 (first place with 419,800 units) and PlayStation 3 (13th, 179,200 units) versions of the game totaled 598,200 units, a respectable debut.

Red Faction: Guerrilla didn't exactly blow up, but it did OK during a dismal month.
Red Faction: Guerrilla didn't exactly blow up, but it did OK during a dismal month.

Subsequent game-sales figures collated from analyst reports and other sources shed light on the sales results of several other games. Though the Xbox 360 version of Red Faction: Guerrilla came in ninth place on NPD's non-PC chart with 199,400, the PlayStation 3 version didn't even make the top 20. In fact, the critical hit only sold 67,600 units on Sony's platform, bringing the game's 31-day console sales total for the Volition-developed game to approximately 267,000 units.

A bigger disappointment was The Conduit from Sega and High Voltage software. Despite being hyped as a hardcore first-person shooter designed from the ground up for the Wii, the game sold less than 72,000 units on the back of so-so reviews. Besides boding ill for High Voltage's other upcoming core Wii games, Gladiator A.D. and The Grinder, the game's poor showing underlined the risks of launching non-mass-market IP on the Wii. Sega knows the pitfalls all too well, having seen the M-rated Wii-exclusive actioner Madworld sell just 66,000 units domestically when it debuted in March.

Ironically, while EA Sports games took four of NPD's top-10 slots, another heavily hyped title from the megapublisher's athletic arm didn't even make the top 20. That title was Grand Slam Tennis, the heavily hyped--and tepidly reviewed--first tennis game from the publisher in years. It sold just 54,000 units in the 26 days after its June 8 launch, a performance which cast a shadow over the 360 and PS3 versions planned for later this year.

Last and possibly not least is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood from Ubisoft and Polish developer Techland. Released on June 30, the critically praised Wild West shooter sold 24,000 units on the 360 and 20,000 on the PlayStation 3 for the PS3. (PC numbers were not available.) While the 44,000-unit total seems low, keep in mind it covers only five days, two of which fell during the long July 4 weekend--when travel, barbecues, and outdoor activities typically take precedence over gaming.

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I think that the Wii's hardcore games aren't selling because hardcore crowd has given up on it. They just don't pay attention when games like Mad World and The Conduit are released, especially when games like these are so few and far between nowadays. From my personal experience, I guess the fact that every time I walk into a Gamestop (literally every single time), some elderly couple is asking the store clerk for a Wii Fit has really gotten to me. I have only 5 Wii games on my shelf. I've only beaten 2, and the rest I just don't care about. The Wii is dead to me. That's just what I think is happening. Any other thoughts on this?

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gee maybe because the conduit is a verry crappy game thats why it did bad.

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Red Faction is great, Call of Juarez is great and i really want to pick up The Conduit, but it came out as i was leaving for a 2 week vacation, so i haven't gotten around to it yet.

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hey who gave me a thumbs down -.-

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true, the development cost for the ps3 is expensive i see this as a good think why do you think there is a lack of shovel ware on the system, also im not surprised prototype didn't sell well on the ps3 it came out as soon as infamous did. And yes the wii lacks in software compared to its competitors.

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my shelf has nearly 60 good wii games lo l , plus virtual console plus nintendo gamecube games , , pft any one who disses wii only because of no good games is just silly when there is good games ,

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Given how so-so the Conduit and Grandslam Tennis are, should it really be surprising they aren't selling well? I was really looking forward to both games but almost all the reviews call them out for poor execution. Why the heck should I waste my money on them? Even madworld, which I recently purchased turned out to be a disappointingly repetitive game. Everyone keeps complaining about the Wii not being able to move hard-core ips but half the time those games aren't all that great to begin with.

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@supermike6 5 Wii games worth buying? Hmmmm, my shelf has more than double

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@reddawnchild Ya, it soooo easy to develop for ps3/360, right? Think about the development costs

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oh, and by the way if those numbers continue for the next two weeks, then the Conduit will go on to sell 318,000 copies in one month. Not to bad for a new IP on any system.

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To anyone still saying that the Conduit sold poorly, look at the time it had to sell. In one week it sold 72,000 copies and then in its second week it sold 87,000 copies. That is an increase from the first to second week in sales, so the Conduit should sell well in the long run. Please everyone, do not follow gamespot and only read or print the bold typing, read threw the lines every once and awhile.

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sad news indeed. I had high hopes for the conduit

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such blantant bias.a hardcore wii game sells better than Red Faction or Call of Juarez in the same timeframe(give or take 4 days) But the arrogant writer Excuses PS360 hardcore games for selling WORSE than the Conduit , but addresses and focuses on the wii to perpetrate a lie. Thorsen is a sad little man.

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Got some games to buy like Prototype, The Conduit and Red Faction to name a few, for me I'm finally caught up on my bills so this coming month can finally buy some of these I been wanting like Infamous and Ghostbusters also that I have yet to get to.

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bit of a difference between ps3 and 360 3rd party figures. it tells a tale, and the tale is non exclusive games dont quite fizzle on ps3 but they certainly dont make a pretty penny. but then i diddnt buy my ps3 for 3rd party (thats what the 360 is for) i bought it for the occasional exclusiive

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Not very good at all

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I had a lot of fun with The Conduit, I haven't touched the multiplayer yet because I've been busy with other games (damn you Battlefield 1943!!!). And Red Faction is really really good. People should give it a try. I strongly recommend playing it on the "casual" difficulty setting though. It feels so much more balanced on that way.

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grand slam tennis was doomed to fail only because tiger with motion plus ate up most of its sales. the game should have released around US Open later this summer.

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ya i must say red faction wasn't that impressive of a game. yes it is fun but not what i thought it would have been.

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conduit was released on June 23. it only had about a week or so before the npd numbers were nice try gamespot.

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*Sigh* Sega has been doing bad. REALLY bad.Sonic's pretty much dead, and...that's that. Nobody likes Sonic anymore because his games suck. (And yes, they DO suck). The last good Sonic game I played was Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, but that's not Sonic's fault. One more thing, "Specialed, did you wake up on the wrong side of the rock or something?!? The game sales, 72,000, IS in a week. The post is AFTER THE NUMBER WAS TAKEN!!! So instead of asking people if they can count, why don't you think for a little while and see if you can count the number of seconds it takes to ponder the 'complex' statements above. Or is that to much to ask for somebody who's school has failed to teach some respect.

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Hopefully, Sega will start making more games for the 360 and PS3 and stop wasting their time with that so called next-generation console known as the Wii.

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@Mr_Tweedy The Conduit isn't a new IP at all. It's a remake of an old SEGA game. Moving on... I really wish Red Faction sold more. It is such a good game. I first thought the destructible environments might end up being the only redeeming factor, but the entire game is very well done. The missions are challenging, the weapons unique and fun to use. And the sledgehammer...OOOOHHH the sledgehammer. The sheer visceral feel of the controller's forced feedback when you knock down a wall with it is just awesome. My only wish is that there were more areas where you could use the Mechs. Those are just unspeakable amounts of fun when combined with fully destructible environments.

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juarez is an amazing game

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The Conduit was selling in local stores really well.... I've lost hope I guess for the traditional games on Wii. Oh well, Smash Brawl is one of the best hardcore games ever and The Conduit has great competitive multiplayer for now, Galaxy reaquainted me with that magic I felt watching Disney movies, and Tiger 10 is the only video game my dad and I can really play together (besides Wii Sports). This is actually a great thing in some ways though, stop making the tired shooting games and give us new experiences of course they won't be as fleshed out at first because shooting games have been getting refined on consoles for 10 years plus. Sad somewhat, but the industry is moving forward.

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Terrible article! The Conduit came out the LAST week of June. It sold 72,000 copies in ONE WEEK. That isn't bad. It hasn't even been out a month yet and it's sold 160,000, according to VGChartz. If the sales trend continues, The Conduit will end up selling over 200,000 in its first month, which is an okay launch for a new IP.

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It's funny, isn't it? People complain about the Wii not getting enough hardcore games, but when one does come out, they don't buy them!

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@makryu All these fanboys are making me pretty sick too

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@plasmabeam 44 I agree that there may not be as many hardcore gamers on the Wii and the audience is not very hardcore, I myself own a Wii and enjoy it quite a bit and am looking forward to Metroid: the other M and I hope I speak for all hardcore Wii gamers when I say this but I think maybe it won't be remembered as a minigame whore, but perhaps a pioneer of motion control. Look at what the Wii has accomplished with its motion controls. Sony's motion wand thing(Wiimote wannabe), Project Natal is obviously Wii inspired. All I am saying is that the Wii should not be remembered for what it is known for right now but what it did in the beginning of it all...when it actually made a difference in the gaming industry and when Nintendo was not pumping out mediocre game after mediocre game, all I ask is for everyone to remember the Wii for what it did.

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Hey I bought The Conduit! Funtastic game! :D

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Biased article against the Wii. As many mentioned, it fails to account for the few days The Conduit has been out. It also contains a logical fallacy when it states the fiction that the wii has no hardcore fanbase as the reason it supposedly sold poorly. It also states the game is mediocre, but fails to present that as a possible reason for the, again, SUPPOSEDLY low sales. Wow, that's journalism at its worst. All this hate bias is making me sick lately...

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The Conduit didnt even sell for two weeks in June. Considering it wasn't a blockbuster shooter, it's still a good start. I think the game will hit 500,000 in its lifetime easy. The game wasn't anything spectacular (I still enjoy it a lot), but it laid a foundation for some awesome things to come in the sequel. And to top it off...thats 72,000 sold copies. I know a lot of people who just refuse to support 'core game' developers and just pirated it.

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The conduit was a very meh FPS and it got very meh sales! Can anyone honestly say they are suprised by this?

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Conduit selling so poorly really just shows you who the Wii audience really is. Sure there are a few thousand people who only own a Wii and claim they're hardcore gamers but most of the Wii's audience are people who just want to play Wii Sports and mini game collections. Sadly that's what the Wii will be remembered as.

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Wow, this is terrible. I feel bad for Sega. But RFG sold so little? And CoJBIB? C'mon people, those a GREAT games. Support these titles.

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Wow that is shocking and I remember all the PS3 copies of Red Faction Guerrilla sold out at the local GameStop. I agree w/ Gamespot about Call of Juarez. For Grand Slam Tennis, maybe people didnt want to buy another cartoony looking tennis game since it was already included in Wii Sports. As for The Conduit, i dont know maybe its the fact that if you want to see something hardcore on the Wii, it has to come from an established franchise? For example Resident Evil 4 and House of the Dead: Overkill, which are games from established franchises, I heard sold well. Well thats what I think correct me if you think Im wrong.

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The economy is to blame for this. Obama is trying to start a second stimulus plan and take up to 60% of our yearly income. I'm saving my money, and not buying every whim bam game that comes out every month.

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I bought Conduit. Great game. The reviewers who dis'd it are stupid and wii haters. great game.

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Disappointed by the Conduit sales, it deserved better. Then again, looks like the month of June might have had something to do with the poor sales.

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Its not "June" that caused The Conduit and Grand Slam Tennis to sell poorly. Its the fact that they were exclusive to a system that cares less about games and cares more about being a toy for non gamers. Most people who own a Wii didn't buy it to play first person shooters.

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the conduit came out on the 23rd therefore it only had 7 days to sell, so thats highly a fair comparison, come back at the end of July and then we will see, Gamespot is so bias, they shine the light on sections they want you to see

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Wow gamespot...bias much? The Conduit is an awesome game and according to VG Chartz it was #3 in week 1 in the US with 95,000 copies sold and #5 in week 2 with 61,000 copies sold...... not bad by any means considering The Conduit had a much lower budget than Prototype and red Faction! Can't wait till the Euro and Other sales figures are released so they are rubbed in your arrogant, bias faces!

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Conduit and madworld doesnt deserve sales. Bionic Commando was way better than both combined and sold less, and bionic commando is not even that great to begin with.

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I saw this coming. I knew it from the start. I knew The Conduit was going to sell poorly. And why is that? Because it's on a system where no one gives a rat's ass about it because they're too busy wobbling on the balance boards and swinging remotes like golf clubs. I'm sorry. Critics seemed to think the game was good, but like sundown19 said, it was apparently mediocre. I'd like to think that was the reason for it's poor sales, but the bottom line is hardcore titles do not sell on the Wii unless the game is published by Nintendo, and lately, they've kicked us to the curb. I'm sorry, but publishers and devs should give up. If they want their games to sell, put it on a system where people will actually buy it. The Wii isn't it. @Taegre: I COMPLETELY agree with you. Sega is not to blame for this. All of the games you mentioned ranged from good to excellent, and yes, Sonic Unleashed was an excellent game. Highly underrated. Valkyria Chronicles was the best of the bunch. Let's face it: Sega makes hardcore titles. That's why they sell like crap on the Wii; because people don't buy hardcore titles on it. Tatsunoko VS Capcom and TMNT: Smash Up are my only planned purchases for this year on the Wii, both of which are hardcore and both will probably fail sales-wise. If they released both on PS3 and/or 360, I'd buy them on one of those instead, no matter if it cost $10 more or not. It'd give me a reason to rid of my Wii if nothing good is coming out for it. TWO games. That's it.

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i would have bought the conduit if it was any good, but after i rented it i knew it wasnt worth it

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gregdawg08, I see your point...Looking at it closer, it does seem a little bias... I think GS is widely known for this sorta medai coverage of the wii, though, so its not surprising in a way...Even though Call of Juarez is shown as slightly selling at a fster pace, they dont give it the same bad taste as Conduit.

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I hate how the main point of the paragraph on The Conduit seems to be "...underlined the risks of launching non-mass-market IP on the Wii..." What is that supposed to mean? "Don't take chances, developers, Wii owners won't back you up?" The paragraph should've read, "The game sold less than 72,000 units. Less than mediocre game nets less than mediocre sales...seems like an open and shut case to us." As a consumer, it's my job to get the most for my $50. Sorry, High Voltage. Try harder next time. What's important is that there is a next time. Don't blame lackluster sales on us's certainly not OUR fault.

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I feel bad for the Conduit it was supposed to be what Goldeneye was for the N64 but for a multiplayer game to be that kind of success it had to be released early and it seems three years was too long most of the Wii gamers that play online prefer SmashBros and MarioKart.

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Uncertain times, my friends. Uncertain times.