Conduit, Grand Slam Tennis feel June gloom, Red Faction hits 267,000

Sega's core sci-fi shooter sells under 72,000; EA's first tennis game fouls out with 54,000 sold as THQ's acclaimed sci-fi shooter only sells 67,600 units on PS3; Call of Juarez rounds up 44,000 in five days.


Yesterday, the NPD Group released its sales figures for its worse-than-expected June reporting period, which lasted from May 31 to July 4. Supplemental information provided today cemented Prototype's place atop the industry research firm's non-PC game charts. Combined sales of the Xbox 360 (first place with 419,800 units) and PlayStation 3 (13th, 179,200 units) versions of the game totaled 598,200 units, a respectable debut.

Red Faction: Guerrilla didn't exactly blow up, but it did OK during a dismal month.
Red Faction: Guerrilla didn't exactly blow up, but it did OK during a dismal month.

Subsequent game-sales figures collated from analyst reports and other sources shed light on the sales results of several other games. Though the Xbox 360 version of Red Faction: Guerrilla came in ninth place on NPD's non-PC chart with 199,400, the PlayStation 3 version didn't even make the top 20. In fact, the critical hit only sold 67,600 units on Sony's platform, bringing the game's 31-day console sales total for the Volition-developed game to approximately 267,000 units.

A bigger disappointment was The Conduit from Sega and High Voltage software. Despite being hyped as a hardcore first-person shooter designed from the ground up for the Wii, the game sold less than 72,000 units on the back of so-so reviews. Besides boding ill for High Voltage's other upcoming core Wii games, Gladiator A.D. and The Grinder, the game's poor showing underlined the risks of launching non-mass-market IP on the Wii. Sega knows the pitfalls all too well, having seen the M-rated Wii-exclusive actioner Madworld sell just 66,000 units domestically when it debuted in March.

Ironically, while EA Sports games took four of NPD's top-10 slots, another heavily hyped title from the megapublisher's athletic arm didn't even make the top 20. That title was Grand Slam Tennis, the heavily hyped--and tepidly reviewed--first tennis game from the publisher in years. It sold just 54,000 units in the 26 days after its June 8 launch, a performance which cast a shadow over the 360 and PS3 versions planned for later this year.

Last and possibly not least is Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood from Ubisoft and Polish developer Techland. Released on June 30, the critically praised Wild West shooter sold 24,000 units on the 360 and 20,000 on the PlayStation 3 for the PS3. (PC numbers were not available.) While the 44,000-unit total seems low, keep in mind it covers only five days, two of which fell during the long July 4 weekend--when travel, barbecues, and outdoor activities typically take precedence over gaming.

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GOOD! the conduit sucked so bad anyway, I got so pumped for it, because i never play my wii, and then i got it and it was seriously the worst FPS id played in the past 10 years, bar none, great controls, but it cant make up for TERRIBLE online play, and a really really boring set of single player levels. it had no point. better luck next time.

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It's a shame for High Voltage... They did a good work, however a deepest single player mode and a local multiplayer could have helped in improving the game critic score and sellings!!

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None of those games are particularly good. It really doesn't surprise me that they didn't sell well.

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glad to see the 360 console selling well .Nintendo is for kids under 13 and below

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Lol @ wii software sales

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@KhargAtla: if you have no problem finding a game then it's obviously not selling. You would think a good seller would be sold out or almost sold out wherever you go at launc not plentiul, unless overstock was ordered, which if that was the case, the game will probably be $20 bargain bin fodder in a month.

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well all you people with Wii and DS that want something rated M better get a 360/PS3/PSP, with the Conduit and GTA selling like crap, you are probably going to be seeing a lot less of these types of games. It's sad really, but hey, Nintendo doesn't want any part of the core gamer, so to hell with them, let them continue to cater to grandma and let's see how good they do next gen when all the casual gamers NOT buy new hardware because the Wii will be good enough for their needs.

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"THQ's acclaimed sci-fi shooter only sells 67,600 units on PS3;" Oh my god gamespot, stop being so biased. You guys are really lame.

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Good numbers from Red faction.

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As far as Gamespot being biased goes, I actually prefer Gamespot to IGN for that particular reason (although I wish Gamespot had the quantity of news offerings IGN has). By the way, did anybody stop to think that maybe all the news coming out of E3 perhaps hurt a FPS for the Wii? No offence to Wii owners (there is one in my living room) but the system is rather dated. Hell it dropped dated. The prospects of what can happen for FPSers with motion control are overshadowing what is getting dropped now me thinks. I haven't played it so Im just speculating by the way they may be way off and Im in no way trying to diss the Conduit.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Red Faction Guerrilla dropped this month? Maybe I'll rent it to play through it, but I was kinda busy with a new KZ2 map pack and news of more to come. Same reason Call of Juarez (what a lame imitation title for your series by the way) was a rental. Times are tough all around, but top notch games will still sell. Everybody can make a 6-7 out of 10 these days(well not the Damnation dudes I hear) but QUALITY always prevails. Its summer too by the way, drunk on the beach beats gaming on a 90 degree day. At least it does until Batman AA drops lol.

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Gamespot giving The Conduit a 6.6 was kind of harsh, especially when I read their cons on it, it's just ridiculous.

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It's a fact: Gamespot hates Sega. In fact, they automatically deduct two points from any Sega game, minus a bonus point if the title contains the words "Sonic" or "Hedgehog" or any combination of the two. We all know this. The Conduit is at least one of the top 10 best Wii titles and it must be selling well: I've never even once had trouble finding a game. And again, given the short span of time it's been out, those numbers aren't phenomenal, but they're certainly not "June gloom" either.

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Red Faction is so great, people need to pick the game up. It's my favorite game this year so far. I think the only thing that will top it is COD: MW2

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I agree with MARI0 the conduit sold great for how long it was out. I know that i liked it and anyone else with a wii should buy it

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Here's a link to the REAL sales figures for The Conduit. << LINK REMOVED >> 180,000+ sold in the first month. Not bad at all. (Almost as good as Red Faction, which is multi-platform and part of an established franchise.) The Conduit is selling JUST FINE.

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It's very hard to look non-biased when you go out of your way to make an excuse for the pitiful sales figures of a PS3/360 shooter yet choose to ignore the fact that the Conduit was also released near the end of the month. Why make an excuse for one but not the other? Would also like to point out that, to this 'reporter', an average critic score of 7.8 for Call of Juarez = "critically praised", yet an average critic score of 7.3 for The Conduit = "so-so". I already hate console-bashing, fanboyism as is; it's really sad to see that kind of mentality rear its ugly head in front-page Gamespot journalism.

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Yep I agree with a lot of the comments on here about Gamespot's reviewing. I came to Gamespot as I was sick and tired of the biased reviews over on Gamesradar (they are all writers who all contributed to X Box magazines previously, so I guess it was inevitable). They basically lambasted the PS3 exclusives and didn't really offer any insight into why the games 'were not as good as x box exclusives' (you just have to look at Metacritic to see the evidence of this). Although Gamespot doesn't seem to be biased in its news reports, the quality of the game reviews overall does seem quite poor I have to say ( I own a PS3, Wii and a PSP).

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... i wonder how many cod 6 will sell in i week

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WoW someone seems biased

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72000 copies sold for The Conduit for only ONE week is pretty damn good. I'd hardly call that a "disappointment".

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@rhys211 you think ign and gametrailers are bad at reviewing? i do not pay attention to anything gamespot says after all their good reviewers left or were fired, now i think ign and gametrailers do a much better job. ign also actually reviews most of the games coming out gamespot just ignores all but the big ones

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Is Gamespot stupid or something??? The Conduit came out on June 23rd (in the US), which means that the 72,000 was only for 1 week of the month!!! It's as if the writter of this article wants us to think that the game has already failed. According to, the Conduit has sold 180,000 units worldwide in it's first 2 weeks. That's not bad at all. . . in my opinion.

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and the conduit was alright but it seemed a like a watered down perfect dark. still worth a purchase though.

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wow ... crisis is really hit hard ...

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no the wii does not have a lot of great exclusives. they have like 2 good first party games a year. i have a wii and 360. until they release a new fzero that wii will be collected a lot of dust.

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I'm surprised they didn't mention "the economy."

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@Javrieligandora Little do you know that the Wii has a lot of great exclusives

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bad news is bad.

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Bla bla bla bla bla,I'm gonna go play a game.

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I love great FPS and I have enjoyed the Conduit. The Conduit is a victim of it's own hype. It is a fun run and gun shooter. It has small flaws but I've enjoyed it.

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Article summary: crappy games sell poorly. I guess no news is good news, right?

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go away bad news no 1 likes u T.T

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72,000 of the Conduit, helooooooooooo price drop in a few weeks!

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@alexkn64 The Conduit is a new IP. You obviously don't know enough about it to be making comments of any kind. If you think it's a remake, then link to original game. You can't, because there isn't one.

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@ Egotte: Just to clear things up first i'm a bloke, the name is Welsh which can cause confusion :) About what you said about my comment being biased I just want to point out that I looked at many reviews from many sites including gametrailers and IGN, who are not exactly the best at reviews, but even theirs were far more thorough then Gamespots. I came to my conclusion after looking around. You also pointed out that Gamespot already covered The Conduit in greater detail. That doesn't really warrant them from skimming over key areas of game content otherwise there is no point in reveiwing it. Also, could you imagine if Gamespot did a review on Modern Warfare 2 and did 95% on the single player and only 5% on the multiplayer which is what they clearly did for The Conduit.

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+ none of these games are worth 65$+ not even Red Faction.

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Summer is rental season as all the little kids are on vacation and parents would rather pay 8-10$ to rent a game then to buy them full price.

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Did they really expect better sales honestly? We are in the longest depression in the states since World War II and the summer is usually slower in the best of times. Even more is the fact that most of us are looking ahead and saving our money for the big releases like Call of Duty MW2, Assassins Creed 2, Halo ODST, Splinter Cell Conviction, and these are just a few of the great games coming later this year. If these guys really want good numbers in the summer they have to release a big title game otherwise they just have to sit tight and wait for fall.

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@rhys211: 100% agreed. Gamespot are getting pathetic by the day. The conduit came out 23rd in USA and already surpassed madworlds sales in 7 days. Madworld came out on the 10th and sold 66k in 20 days. If you consider that games on Wii cost less, and have legs, than the conduits already profitable for a budget game. Sort yourself out gamespot.

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Dang it! High Voltage you better advertse better next and show that the wii can handle an M game becuase it did

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ahahahahahaah that serves you right sega for delaying it so many times :) initially i was tempted to get it. Now i'm not

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sales jargon... who cares, remember when it used to be about the games?

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About Conduit.....they do realize 50K+ on the WII ALONE to what non casual gamers they have is damn good right? If it was multi console/PC it would be 2 or 3 times that number. And red faction guerrilla is a shtty game of coarse its going to do poorly....

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Grand Slam Tennis is doing poorly because it pales in comparison to great tennis titles like Virtua Tennis 2009. And as for rhys211's statements, I think a lot of his/her paragraph is invalid. Gamespot's covered Conduit already in greater detail, and keep in mind that these results in no. of units sold aren't necessarily recorded from only the one week Conduit only had in June. Even if that's true, most titles of its kind sell best during their first seven days. Games like Prototype and Ghostbusters sold well the first few days but quickly tailed off afterwards. I think the statements made by rhys211 are brash and quickly biased, eager to find fault. The Gamespot article is valid.

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rhys211 you are so right

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I can't believe how bad the journalism is on this site. I stopped coming to Gamespot after the fiasco of the Kane and Lynch review only to come back to this. They point out how badly The Conduit has sold but completely omit the fact that this was only realesed on the 23rd of June. Yet they make every effort to point out how Call Of Juarez sold poor but was realised towards the end of the month. Even the review of The Conduit by Gamespot was awful, I like to look around and check reviews from all sites before I make a decision and most if not all of them go into great detail about the multiplayer in The Conduit... here the tool just says it's bland. Well pat on the back there for an excellent review and great depth. Instead of just saying it's bland tell us why. Well atleast it's nice to now things haven't changed much since the last time I was here I'll just stick to other sites with a far better reputation then this one (which isn't hard considering)

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I buy games for my Wii that range from Price is Right to Madworld every month. The games are better then you think. There are times when you have to look at Wii games for what they are not what they aren't.