Conduit 2 warps onto Wii March 22

High Voltage Software's Nintendo-exclusive first-person alien shooter lands in two months; new trailer shows off game's explosive weaponry.


In August, Conduit 2 developer High Voltage Software let 25 staffers go, but it promised that development on the title would be unaffected. Then a month later, the studio slapped the sci-fi shooter with a delay to sometime in 2011. And in October, the studio penciled in a vague February release date for the title. Now, High Voltage says the game will arrive on March 22.

Barring another delay, Conduit 2 will drop in two months.
Barring another delay, Conduit 2 will drop in two months.

In addition to the release date announcement, a new trailer for the title is now available (embedded below). The weaponry-themed video shows off some of the explosive pieces of deadly technology gamers will score access to in Conduit 2.

These include the Hive Cannon, a gun that shoots out a horde of insects; the Aegis Device, a piece of tech that lets gamers use a foe's ammo against them; and the AR-C Eclipse. This weapon lets its user become entirely invisible for a period of time.

The single-player mode of Conduit 2 will pick up the original game's alien invasion storyline, with Sega promising dynamic environments, player customization options, and giant boss enemies. As for multiplayer, Sega will introduce new co-op modes for online play or offline with up to four players sharing a split-screen. The publisher is also promising "increased multiplayer security" for the game, in light of the cheating that undermined the online play of the original Conduit.

For more on the sci-fi shooter, check out GameSpot's most recent hands-on preview of Conduit 2.

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