Conduit 2 release rerouted to February

Sega narrows launch window on High Voltage Software's Wii-exclusive first-person shooter sequel, cites fan feedback as reason for prior delay.


Conduit 2

Last month, Sega confirmed a delay of the Wii-exclusive first-person shooter Conduit 2, saying only that it was now "looking into" a first quarter 2011 launch. Today, the publisher narrowed that release window to February 2011 and offered an explanation for the previous delay.

Gamers might be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with a few rounds of Conduit 2.
Gamers might be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with a few rounds of Conduit 2.

"With the overwhelming positive response at both E3 and PAX, High Voltage Software came up with new ideas and took in fan feedback," Sega said in announcing the launch month. "Because of this, the game is extending its development a few more months in order to bring players the most complete shooter on Wii."

The single-player mode of The Conduit 2 will pick up the original game's alien invasion storyline, with Sega promising dynamic environments, player customization options, and giant boss enemies. As for multiplayer, Sega will introduce new co-op modes for online play or offline with up to four players sharing a split-screen. The publisher is also promising "increased multiplayer security" for the game, in light of the cheating that undermined the online play of the original Conduit.

For more on Conduit 2, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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