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Conduit 2 delayed to April 19

Sega's Wii-exclusive first-person shooter sequel delayed once again; developer High Voltage given extra time to balance multiplayer.


Sega's Conduit 2 has been delayed again. The Wii-exclusive first-person shooter received its fifth release window today, as the publisher pegged it with an April 19 launch date in the US, with the new European launch pencilled in for April 22.

Sega is nearly ready to Conduit 2 it.
Sega is nearly ready to Conduit 2 it.

According to Sega, the slip will give the development team at High Voltage Software more time "to continue to balance and enhance the game's multiplayer." Sega had said one of the previous delays to the game was intended to give High Voltage time to incorporate fan feedback from showings at the Penny Arcade Expo and Electronic Entertainment Expo. Conduit 2 was originally announced with a fall 2010 window, was pushed into 2011, narrowed down as a February release, and then slid to March 22.

The single-player mode of Conduit 2 will pick up the original game's alien invasion storyline, with Sega promising dynamic environments, player customization options, and giant boss enemies. As for multiplayer, Sega will introduce new co-op modes for online play, or offline with up to four players sharing a split-screen. The publisher is also promising "increased multiplayer security" for the game, in light of the cheating that undermined the online play of the original game.

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