Condition Zero goes fool's gold

Valve's Jess Cliffe reveals Counter-Strike sequel has gone to production … where it has been put on hold.


Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

Confirmation came today of what many-a-forum-poster had been saying. That Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, the oft-delayed follow-up to Counter-Strike, did not ship as planned on November 18. Jess Cliffe, co-creator of CS and producer of CZ, sent an e-mail to confirming that VU-Games-owned publisher Sierra has "not confirmed retail release dates for the product." According to Cliffe, the official reason is that Valve is doing "some additional work on the foreign versions."

If true, Cliffe's letter means Condition Zero's production has suffered another in a long series of setbacks. The game has been through four developers, two radical gameplay changes, and countless release date shifts. A more in-depth summary of CS: CZ's travails can be read here.

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