Condemned movie signs up director

<i>The Cell</i>'s Tarsem Singh tapped to helm <i>Unforgettable</i>, the film based on Sega's first-person action game.


The movie based on the Xbox 360 and PC game Condemned: Criminal Origins, called Unforgettable and originally titled Species X, will be directed by Tarsem Singh, reports the Hollywood Reporter.

The movie will be a science-fiction thriller from Warner Bros. about a cop on the trail of a killer. During the murder investigation, he discovers things that put his own humanity in doubt. Unforgettable is being produced by Basil Iwanyk, David Goyer, and Jason Hall. Kurt Sutter wrote the screenplay, and Lynn Harris and Matt Reilly are overseeing the production for the studio.

Singh directed the music video for REM's "Losing My Religion," as well as 2000's The Cell, which starred Jennifer Lopez and Vince Vaughn. Lopez played a psychotherapist called Catherine Deane, who entered the mind of a comatose serial killer in an attempt to find where he was holding his latest victim. Singh also directed 2006's The Fall a drama where two hospital patients enter a fantasy world. Another film directed by Singh, Unthinkable is currently in preproduction, and is due for release in 2008.

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I bet it'll flop in the box office. The only people who will want to see it are the ones who thought the last 3 Saw movies were good.

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I saw a post for Condemned 2 and pulled this out of my collection. For some odd reason I never got into it when it came out. After finishing this morning at 4am all I can say is wow. This was an awesome game. Even though it is two years? old. Sure there are some shortcomings but I am still just amazed at how drawn in I was. I agree with WikkedLilGrrrl and Ls Tr_Of_SmG!

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Tarsem Singh to direct the movie... HELL YES!

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Hey, just be glad 'Uwe' know who isn't directing it! Lmao!

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why so early for a condemned movie? because the the story is fricken kick ass! besides, 2 years isn't super early.

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This is better be good man, I got my eyes on this one.

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sounds good, one thing though.... cindemned just came out and it already has a movie? it usually takes game- movies years to even be recognised and talked about, why so early for condemned, btw the game kicks @** cant wait for bloodshot!

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It could be a cool movie but I know they'll ruin it. The Cell was alright and I never heard of The Fall but I admit Losing My Religion was an amazing music video. And if you make a movie about a video game can you atleast call it the name of the video game!

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cool, hope this guy dose good

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Condemned is an awesome game.. the movie doesn't seem like it'll be as impressive.

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I can think of many other games that should become movies first.

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The title doesn't sell the film well. I hope it's a good movie though! :D

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The director hasn't made a good movie to my knowledge, but he does have an interesting style. With the right story/script he could make a good movie. Don't know if Unforgettable will be that movie though.

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This could actually be a good psychological thriller, and a good movie based on a video game. As long as it isn't directed by Uwe Boll...

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Could be brilliant like the game, racked up the 970 points! I want to see how this turns out keep me updated gamespot!

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lame title, i wonder what does that have to do with the original game?! i hope the movie goes further on the suspense and story, rather than stupid game movies like silent hill (pardon me but that was a shame, they tried to keep the pace, but...), not to mention resident evil 2, and some others....

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This could actually turn out pretty good. I hope they try to stick to the game's story (game-movies don't like to do that for some reason) because as said, it IS pretty much like a movie. I just hope they don't try to make it less...gory and disturbing. I have high hopes for this though.

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I enjoyed Condemned, but this is going to be garbage just like everything else, don't get your hopes up.

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The Cell, very gooood, Jennifer Lopez, very niiiice. Title change to Unforgettable, forgettable.

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Condemned is one of those games that should have been made as a movie first, then a video game. If you have played Condemned, you should be the only one commenting. The script of how Condemned was made feels so much like a movie. It's completely linear and flows by scene instead of most video games going in loops. If produced right, Condemned could possibly be a very good (not blockbustering or anything) movie. Just play the game if anyone hasn't, it feels like a movie. The movie doesn't even have to change the script at all.

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Condemned has more potential than any of the recent game-to-movie movies, so I hope they come up with something good, rather than rely on fans of the game to sell tickets, because this game probably isn't popular enough to warrant that

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How is the film going to ruin the game when the game had Warner Bros. games involved. It might not be all that bad since most of the people who were involved with the game may be involved.

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The Cell was a suspense/thriller/horror, so it might be in good hands. I hope this movies gets an excellent executive director that inputs enough in the in the content of the picture.

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Good game, and it makes sense as a movie. Not like those other game to Street Fighter or Doom. Those don't make sense as movies. Hopefully this turns out well.

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film going to ruin the game by this director

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I'm not going to get excited for this but I hope that it will be good.

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YES!! The Cell is one of my favorite movies because Tarsem Singh is fricking awesome. Can't wait to see how he'll turn one of my favorite games into a movie masterpiece.

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hmmm id watch it. prob wont impress me tho. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!

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great job....sign a bunch of b-list and c-list filmakers...a real ticket to success. *cough*

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Forgive me if I don't jump for joy. Hollywood's record on this isn't exactly 100% successful.

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first game was f,in exellent cant wait for the 2nd game and the film itself :D

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interesting...sounds neat

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mmm.. this could be a good game movie....

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I keep hearing what a great overlooked game this is... One day I will have to try the demo heh

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I wasn't really in to the first game. Maybe the second will be better. As for a movie, the plot seems to be decent. I feel that it has already been done before.

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should be good

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I agree with StreetFighter10. I think that all these video-game-based movies come out because producers just have a lack of content to chooses from. lack of creativity breeds poor judgment, at least on the part of writers and producers.

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It could be good. They just need to get the admosphere right.

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Name a single game to movie that anyone would be sad about if it didn't exist? While there have been 1 or 2 that were midly entertaining (I thought Silent Hill was ok) none have warranted their existance. But they must be making enough money for studios to keep pumping them out.

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This could make a good movie if they can capture the atmosphere of the game correctly.

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If it's as good as the game am all In!

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There was already a movie made that resemble this plot line to this game. It was called Suspect Zero.

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@ftjx hence MY post, look below.

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Cyke "what makes this 'Condemed: Criminal origins the movie'?" - ftjx That would be this: "a cop on the trail of a killer. During the murder investigation, he discovers things that put his own humanity in doubt." If the game I finished last weekend was Condemned, that's pretty much what the premise of the game is, story-wise. Whether or not it'll have the twists and plot revelations of the original is something we won't know until the movie comes out I know but seriously that story line could be any movie

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I think it's interesting that Tarsem Singh has signed up to Direct. While I really didn't think much of The Cell as an actual movie, it was an undeniable feast for the eyes. If he can take just a little bit of what made The Cell so stylish and combine that with Condemneds very bleak and opressive atmosphere alongside a somewhat interesting plotline, it might turn out to be a semi-decent film. We can live in hope.

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I'm generally against movies being made from games, and I don't see a ton of cinematic potential for Condemned, but I do love that director. The Cell was vastly underrated.

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this actually sounds really good because it's not so much a remake of the game, just using it as a basis and building from there.

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