Conan's Clueless Gamer Takes On Its First Nintendo Switch Game

Conan O'Brien vs. Will Arnett in Arms.


Last night's episode of Conan brought with it the latest Clueless Gamer segment, where noted video game player (and occasional TV show host) Conan O'Brien plays a video game. This was a particularly notable one, as it was the first time a Nintendo Switch game has been featured.

The game was Arms, the new multiplayer-centric fighting game from Nintendo. O'Brien enlisted the help of Will Arnett for a series of fights in which neither of them appear to have any idea of how to properly use the game's motion controls. Throughout the contest, the two also exchange insults, which factor into determining the overall winner. The loser is forced to record a video expressing his admiration for the winner.

This segment was shown during the taping of an episode earlier this week. Clueless Gamer's success has resulted in plans for a spinoff show of some kind, though the specifics of what it will look like remain unclear.

Alongside showing the Arms segment, O'Brien told the audience at the taping that he's been approached by numerous game companies who have offered to pay to have their games featured. O'Brien said he makes it clear that he doesn't know how to play games and is prone to insulting them, but companies are unconcerned as his qualms won't actually resonate with those who know games.

You can watch the segment above and check out GameSpot's Arms review for our impressions.

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