Conan Exiles Release Date For PS4, Xbox One, And PC Announced

The open-world action game is officially launching next year.


Funcom has announced the official release date for its open-world action game Conan Exiles. The game is already available in Early Access on PC and on Xbox One through the Game Preview program, but the official release will take place on May 8, 2018. Funcom is also bringing the game to PlayStation 4 on that date. Sony's system does not have an Early Access/Game Preview system, so players on that system have had to wait.

Funcom also released a new trailer for Conan Exiles today to celebrate the release date announcement. The video shows off some of the game's sprawling, open-world environments, as well as the otherworldly creatures that players will encounter. Also on display are some of the game's building and construction mechanics.

Conan Exiles will cost $30 on PC when it launches in May; currently, the Steam Early Access version is priced at $30. The Xbox One and PS4 editions will cost $50, which is the same price as the current Game Preview version on Xbox One. If you pre-buy Conan Exiles on Xbox One or PC digitally you'll get the the Conan's Royal Armor in-game item when the game launches; this will also be available for PS4, but not until pre-orders open for that version at a later date.

A physical version of Conan Exiles is also on the way, through a partnership with Saints Row franchise owner Koch Media. You can pre-order the Day One Edition now to get things like a printed, physical game map and Conan's Atlantean Sword for use in the game. What's more, a Conan Exiles collector's edition has been announced.

The centerpiece of this is a six-inch Conan polyresin figure, modeled after his look in the Conan Exiles cinematic trailer. This bundle also comes with a comic book made in partnership with Dark Horse, multiple soundtracks, an artbook, and a world map, along with digital goodies such as the "A Witch Shall Be Born" comic and a 368-page rule book for the Conan pen-and-paper game.

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This game has come leaps and bounds since it started it's early access on steam. The game started terribly but they've worked on it and it's almost a thing of beauty. I do think 8th May is pretty ambitious but wish them the best of luck. If anyone is interested in playing this game, I've made an interactive map :)

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It is a good thing that Sony doesn't allow early access garbage on their system. Good move by Sony.

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Is there a monthly sub fee or something?

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Things to come

-improved combat system



-two new regions a jungle and lava like locations

-Story with Conan himself

So its looking good.

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I can see Salon, Vox, WaPo, BuzzFeed, etc. articles already.

"This game is transist, it discriminates against the non-binary player's ability to adjust the breast and endowment slider on the same character!!! This game discriminates against those who don't wish to fight to survive!!! This game forces you to kill elephants and/or rhinos in order to steal their ivory!!! Fight the patriarchy!!!!!"

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This game would be nice to play IF IT WORKED. I tried for years now to get it working with no luck. I have a good system and I just get lag spikes every 10secs for whatever reason. I gave up on trying. :\

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@Ice-Cube: Trust me, in it's current state it's not worth playing. The animals and the AI are broken af.

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At the sound of the dong, the time will be...

You can adjust the intensity of the dong with the dong slider.

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Can we get a Conan story based RPG now please.

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I read the penis slider was removed. If I can’t wander the world with nothing but a stick and my 11 inched I’m not interested.

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@Onipaladin: Dark Souls perfected naked dual-wielding of large clubs as a combat strategy; Conan is simply taking it to the next most obvious evolution.

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@saifur77: tell the truth you played it for 5 mins then gave up.

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I am dying for a conan game but I am skeptical not sure if it's any good I will wait on the reviews.

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@hardcoregamer1: the last good conan game was published more than 30 ago by datasoft.

it's never good to see such a strong license going from a publisher to another one.

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The endowment slider making it's console debut.


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@sellingthings: I think a new avatar/user name is in order...



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@sellingthings: LMFAO!!!


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@sellingthings: Seriously consider doing porn. I mean, if I were 7'5", I'm sure I'd at least TRY to play pro ball.

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@sellingthings: Suuuuuuuuuurrrrre....

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What everyone really wants to know is if it will retain the penis/breast size sliders.

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@mdinger: I have this game on X1 and can say that the breast size slider is in it. The other isn't in it.

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@cvfan: That's just sexist. Shame on them!

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@cvfan: The developers are cowards.

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@Shin_Gallon: Not sure on it but I think it was Microsoft who thought the other was a big issue. I dont know if this is true or not but I seem to remember hearing that the penis slider was being removed from the pc version as well right around the time the game came to early access for X1.

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@cvfan: Ha! Good pun: "a big issue."

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@Pyrosa: Hehe, Thank you. I try to be funny but more often than not my humor tends to stay in drier territories that gets me stared at like I am crazy.