Conan Exiles Dev Explains Why The Game Has Genital Physics And An Endowment Slider

Funcom says nudity was planned from the start.


Conan Exiles, the new action game from Secret World developer Funcom, is off to a strong start, it looks like. The game is the No. 2 best-seller on Steam right now, while it's also cracked the top 10 chart for most-played games on the service. A lot of people are talking about it, for numerous reasons, including its "endowment" slider tool and genital physics system.

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In a Reddit AMA recently (via Kotaku), Funcom expanded on this topic, saying it was decided early on that nudity would be a part of the game because it fits with the lore and setting. As for the endowment slider? "The slider was a natural evolution of that, especially seeing we had a similar slider for breasts. Equality and all that," Funcom said.

Also in the AMA, Funcom discussed a lot of potential features for the game, some of which involve human sacrifice elements--including castration.

"Similar to the way in which you capture thralls, we would like you to be able to drag players back to your altars and sacrifice them for a massive boost," Funcom said. "We might also add specific killing equipment such as iron maidens etc. In addition we really want you to be able to harvest the heads of your foes and stick them on spikes outside and around your bases. Maybe even at some point...castration."

On a different note, Funcom said some of its influences included Minecraft, DayZ, and Ark. "We owe a debt of gratitude to them all and we borrowed some of their good ideas even as we came up with our own," the developer explained.

You can read the full AMA here.

An in-development version Conan Exiles is available on Steam right now through Early Access. The game is coming to Xbox One through the Game Preview program this spring. A PlayStation 4 version is also in the works, but no date has been announced.

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