'Comprehensive' Fallout: New Vegas patch coming soon

Bethesda currently running final testing for wide-ranging fix for game's bugs and issues; fix coming to PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in the "coming weeks."


No Caption Provided Fallout: New Vegas, the follow-up to the widely adored Fallout 3, has been on shelves for three weeks now. In that time, it has garnered positive reviews but has been plagued by numerous bugs and issues. Now, the game's publisher is assuring gamers that a "comprehensive" patch is coming to all systems in the near future.

According to a post on the Bethesda blog, the publisher has "come up with solutions" for not only the Xbox 360 save issue that's being widely reported, but also a number of other issues. The publisher also said it’s currently running final testing and certification for the upcoming fix, which is set to arrive on all systems in the coming weeks.

New Vegas is about to get patched up.
New Vegas is about to get patched up.

PC gamers are enjoying the most rapid remedies, as Bethesda released a patch for that system in October that resolved quest and scripting issues. The PC edition of Fallout: New Vegas will also receive an update that fixes save corruption and companion issues this week. In addition, that update will "improve performance" for Nvidia users and remedy reported Havok issues.

Developed by many veterans of the original Fallout games at Obsidian Entertainment (Alpha Protocol), New Vegas is set in the Mojave wasteland and casts players in the role of a courier who is shot in the head and left for dead. After recovering, players roam the desert and the titular metropolis, exploring new areas and modifying weapons. They also get wrapped up in the larger conflict among the bureaucratic New California Republic, the slave-trading Caesar's Legion, and a mysterious New Vegas impresario named Mr. House.

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