Competitive fighting tournament comes to Sydney in Feb.

Oz Hadou announces that its 10th annual tournament is slated to kick off in Sydney, from February 17.

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The first Australian competitive gaming tournament of 2012 is almost here, with Aussie fighting group Oz Hadou announcing its annual tournament. The Oz Hadou Nationals 10 (OHNX) will be held in Sydney on February 17-19, with the competition celebrating its 10th year.

OHNX will be hosted at Sydney's 99 on York, and it runs for three full days. The three main tournaments hosted at OHNX will be played on Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, while smaller community-run competitions for SoulCalibur V and King of Fighters XIII will also be on offer.

Aussie fighting fans may remember from last year that Oz Hadou played host to the APAC leg of the EVO international fighting games tournament, sending the winners over to Las Vegas. While it's uncertain if EVO APAC will return this year, the winners of each major competition will earn points that will be used to seed them to the EVO ladder later this year.

Participants who are keen to compete in OHNX will need to qualify first, with a series of regional competitions being held throughout January.

Aside from watching some of the best fighters in the country compete for the championship, those who opt to attend OHNX will also be able to play Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 before their respective releases.

For more information on OHNX, be sure to check out the tournaments official website.

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